what is your style on trading ?
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Thread: what is your style on trading ?

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    what is your style on trading ?

    are you a scalper or swing trader ? .are you a technical trader or you follow strategy with some indicators can you tell me ? share please .

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    i am a scalper and i never change this methods for the beginning when i came and learned forex trading , this is the most flexible trading system and make me easy to enter some situation and leave the market with several pips, and it means, scalping makes me relevant during in the market, just make the safest target and easier be touched by the market price and also no need longer time

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    I am a news trader and i am working on news becasue this is very good source for understanding to market.. if you have very good knowldge then you can understand to news and then you can doing better trading with very good result in the market..

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    I ever use the trading scalping strategies, but over a year I use a scalping strategy, I do not find satisfactory results, so I tried to change the system to be a long term trader. I learned many things on this forum mainly of material in a given topic by educators, it is enough to help me in understanding the essence of forex trading.

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    My friend I am middle of the Swing and Scalping, I am a intraday trader but if I see to get chance to earn some money with in few minutes then I enjoy scalping and news trading. Everything depends on the market's price movement and technical and fundamental analysis.

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    I am a newbie and still struggling to define myself as a fixed strategy trader as I am not being able to formulate my successful way of trading strategy so whenever I find myself comfortable to place an order with my limited knowledge I go for that and if it goes in reverse I wait till it gives me some profits, so I think I am an intra day trader.

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    My style of trading is the so simple and easy to understand. and be strategies.In the trading system ,everything depends on the price movement and technical and fundamental.A fixed trader is always use the same technique of the trading but his/her in a different way. the style of trading is using in proper knowledge .

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    I am a newbie trader.I think in Forex trading we need to have good planning,analysis and strategy to trade in this business and to get success in this business.We must try to learn and gain knowledge about the Forex market if we want to earn a huge amount of profit in this business.Our hard work and patience are very important in this business.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    I trade both short term and long term with targets ranging from 35-200 pips,experience has thought me that scaplinh isn't the best way to exploit market opportunities and tomorrow is not promised a day as a scapler because scalping involves the tendency to use high lot size and going all in, a lasting trading strategy involves the use of stop lose and possibly a hedging strategy, and also a risk to reward input with your reward exceeding your risks, this might sound impossible to most but its is to an experienced trader.

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    I trader on the basis of the news of the market. It is advised to the traders by the experts that they should go with the flow of the market. Market analysis is very important in trade as it is the source of our income.

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