Necessary services from broker
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Thread: Necessary services from broker

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    Necessary services from broker

    Every trader will necessitate efficient trading package from the broker he is working with. No matter which type of trader you are, you will necessitate some basic and real trading facilities like spread, good leverage, capital protection and if you are a beginner then expert support. Sometimes what we observe that beginners try to select broker as per the bonus offers which sometimes are the weapon to attract the traders.

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    Personally for me is to have a good and supportive customer support. So far roboforex's support is tip top.

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    A very necessary service I would love from a broker is fast withdrawal, fast order execution and low spread. I don't like brokers that hold withdrawals for several days. because you might need to use the money for an urgent purpose. also I love a good support system from a broker, a broker with a 24 hours live chat is good because you issue will always be resolved more quickly than sending emails.

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