Need fresh mind to be success
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Thread: Need fresh mind to be success

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    Need fresh mind to be success

    Forex business is a analytic business and need to analysis the market to make profit. For better analysis need a freash mind to get a right decision. I think, need to avoid trade when a trader is not mentally prepared. A good decision can give good profit, on the other hand a wrong decision can be cause of lost capital. Am i right?

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    Forex is a very risky business and earning from this business is very difficult.Every trader need fresh mind to trade successfully.If a trader have good environment to work then he will have fresh and cool mind to to take right decision and at right time.A trader can earn a lot and can become successful if he has fresh mind.

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    Every business should need the Fresh candidate in a business enterprise .so always need the fresh mind to achieved the success .it is true that in the fresh mind the work should done properly.Forex business is a very risky business of the earning and it is so difficult.Every trader need fresh mind to trade successfully. so a trader always need the good environment.

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    My Friend it is true that Forex is a high risky business and any mistakes can hamper our accounts, so for that reason we need to be careful and as well as fresh minded. I think a trader with high skill and experience can easily do this business with fresh mind. If we do not feel fresh in mind then we should not start trade at that day or time.

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    Forex trading business require a lot of calculation before execution of trades so we need to have a very calm and relax mind we can not trade profitably with disturbed mind set or in hurry so we should always proceed with fresh and open mind without any pressure and tension then we are sure to take good and profitable decisions else we will be on loosing side.

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    every business is a difficult because if you any mistakes can be pending our account, so we have to be careful for trade in forex .this business is risky but much profitable . if you trade with out any understanding in forex you must be failed so you need to do with careful THANK YOU

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    Sir that's a great point I think fresh mind is very necessary part of our forex trading business it give us good health, good thinking and build a positive energy environment in forex trading business so its very necessary that there should be no pressure in our mind at the time of trading otherwise we can loose our fund in this business and can become a looser in this market.

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    Forex market is too big, it needs lot of practice and dedication to make successful trade, To think positively obviously we need healthy mind as well as healthy body. Before you place order do not get irritate on market or dnt even think abt your past loss. Just be cool and analyze your strategy before you placing an order.
    Hope this cool strategy will help you to make some money.

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    Forex trade is risky where we cannot expect to remove risk of loss at any cost. Our deep concentration and fresh mind can help us to make our trade less-risky. I agree with you that we need to handle it with deep concentration and fresh mind while trading.

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    Obviously a fresh in forex is very useful for us if we will not focus well on market then it will be very hard to make well concentration on our buy and selling points so someday if you are not feeling well and your mind is not fresh then please don't enter in this business.

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