can i make a robot on the mt4 platform ?
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Thread: can i make a robot on the mt4 platform ?

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    can i make a robot on the mt4 platform ?

    Hi experts,
    i am trading in the forex market and i have lost my money huge and earned much not enough . I have made my own trading system and i want to convert it into a EA. but i don't know any programming language . for this reason , that will not easy to me . But i think , i can make a ea by mt4 platform if i get some help from you . if you know how to make a ea by mt4 platform . just help , i will be glad to you for ever .

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    you can use more moving average and macd internal indicators instead of these these are best

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    Yes we can use robots on MT4 platform and many people are trading with the help of robots on MT4 but in my view we should concentrate on building our own manual trading skill because robots are not that much believable and to have robots we need to have a large accounts so that with large fluctuations our accounts remain safe because robot trading have a risk of zero account balance.

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    Yes we can use robots on MT4 platform.if we know how to make a ea by mt4 platform . There are many things to learn form this Platform.

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    i am trader . According to my MT4 platform to create a platform where the robot is more Sir. There are many things to learn form this Platform for us . This will be MT4 platform to learn. so you apply this platform .

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    Sorry about the huge loss my brother, the early year of trading is sometimes like that but with much learning and practice, you will overcome it. You need to understand that uneasy head lies the head that wears a crown and winner never quit. Since you have your own trading system you want to code into automated trading system, you can easily get a good programmer that will do it for you on the net with little or no cost. Just go to the MTQL programming section of the forum.

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    Hi, i am students and per-times Forex traders. I am trading here and also earning lot amounts of the moneys very easily and simply than any others business in the world. I think the man is the best than the robot.The man has brain and the robot has no brain.You can earning lot by our brain and own trade.

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    the work with the robot i guess should have those with the proper support with the technicals with the analytics to turn further with the useof the scripting to helps to run with the trading. ask good programmer to create the one that most suit your trading style or also can use the strategy of an extpert trader and apply with the condition with the personal profile with the customs.

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    Robot!! how can you make robot by this?

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    As far as i know about the forex trading software, it is the best trading platform with all full function that you can ever think of. And as for the last time i checked, it is the the home of the forex trading robots than any other trading platforms in the business. Forex programmers also prefer to code for mt4 than any platform, so almost all robots works with it.

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