Some tips for a newbie trader
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Thread: Some tips for a newbie trader

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    Some tips for a newbie trader

    Learning is the key factor of success in Forex business. Without learning a person can not gain in Forex business. Please share some tips like as proper learning for a newbie trader.

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    Forex trading is very risky business.If a newbie trader wants to earn profit this business,they have learn more and more about the Forex trading market.I think Demo account is best for newbie to learn and get knowledge about this business by practice and by giving sufficient time in this business.They must also try to learn how to control their greed and emotion.These are some very important tips For a newbie trader.

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    Though learning and experiences are the key factors to have some good profits in this business but in my view the key for success is trading with a small lot size, because if the market get reversed by 200 to 300 pips which does not normally happens in a single day then also you will be able to survive your account for next day trading by keeping larger stop loss.

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    Well new traders must in the start, focus on learning the market because more they learn the market, more they earn money in this business, learning is must be important for every forex trader but unfortunately many traders did not focus on learning the market and facing much loss so every trader must focus on learning this market.

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    As you have rightfully stated learning is an important factor for any class of trader from newbies to experts, although learning is more relevant to newbies hence they have poor knowledge on how to exploit market opportunities,the main factors in becoming successful is learning to identify price behaviours and learning to manage risks.

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    The common tips for new trader.
    learn before you stat real trading.
    Learning methods( books, internet, mentors, practice in demo trading etc).
    then trade always with small quantity, book part profit, use stop loss to protect your capital. Withdraw some of your profit in mean time to enjoy the real profit,.
    Follow those simple rules you will protect your capital and earning money for life long.

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    For a newbie we must learn a lot of forex theory first after that we must do practice on a demo account to have a good trade skills for advance to have an accurate analysis of forex market then we will have good system and strategy to get profits consistently in the demo account, then we can try to make trades on real account to proves our skill.

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    Hello newbies, have a good day. We all are facing problem in better earning with our less skill and knowledge. Forex trade is based on skill and knowledge. The more we will become experienced, the more we will able to become profitable. So, continue study and practice with patience and become benefited.

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    A new trader must focus on learning and practising the market , it is the business which needs much knowledge and effort but lack of practice will gives us much loss and we will never survive in this market so hard work is the most important element .

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    Yes sir I am agree with you as we know that learning is very important for a trader in this business its one of the main key factor to become a successful trader so I will also suggest the same thing to a trader that learning is very important for him or her in forex

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