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    Hello, guys who trade metals!
    Here you can discuss your trading plan and post your trading reports.

    The contest rules

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    I don't wait too long. Here are my first 2 trades for buy gold.

    Gold had been bullish for 4 months since Nov to end of Feb. It retraced to 50% Fib level at the end of April. Trend still looks upward to me in D1 chart. I have a stop loss in place at 1264.15 for both orders. I intend to hold if for a week or two or for atleast 50% of my balance.
    I forgot to add that thursday was completely engulfed by friday candle which is a good sign for buyers.
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    I had some trades on silver and gold today
    You can see the entry and exit points on the chart along with stop loss and take profits
    I've opened sell positions and then buy and then buy again on silver
    And I also had sell positions on gold ...more Details in the attached pictures
    I will try to share live trades next time
    good luck

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    today i open short position on gold

    1- Negative Divergence in Stochastic
    2- Stochastic is over bought

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    Sell Market Order

    Price 1280.55
    SL :- 100 pip
    TP :- Unspecified depending on the power of the movement

    1- Price is near to down trend line
    2- strong resistance area
    3- Negative divergence in CCI

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    Guys i am surprised to see the lot size i can use on this account. I can only use 1.9 lots now in Gold. I don't think doing a long term trade will be as much profitable as scalping. Please share your opinions.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have closed both orders. Profit 142 only. I will do scalping in Silver. It needs less margin.

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    Sold 3.3 lots of silver in 4 orders. (1,1,1, 0.3)

    No real analysis done.I am just scalping for the sake of quick profits in previous day's range. I have not used stop loss or take profit for now. I will put stop loss on open price when it moves into profit. For me trend is upward but market has never been predictable and i am looking for quick profits.

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    biofx, welcome to metal team.

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    First order
    Pair: Gold
    Order# 229316182
    Volume: 1.90 lots
    Entry point: 1281.59
    Stop loss: Nill
    Take profit: 1240.00
    Risk per trade: 50%

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