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    Hello team mates, i would really love to have your opinions on current gold and silver market. No one has replied to my question from yesterday. We are a team and we should help each other, think about it please.

    My idea about silver's movement was correct that it will move in yesterday's range. But decision was wrong. I closed sell trades manually and entered long. But thankfully i have closed that order in profit too. I think choosing metals team was a bad idea because of lack of market movement and for the reason taht there are only 2 metals we can trade in. Here is screenshot of yesterday's work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboForex Administrator View Post
    Hello, guys who trade metals!
    Here you can discuss your trading plan and post your trading reports.

    The contest rules
    the last link is either broken or something. I clicked it and it gave me error. Please check

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    Buy order

    1-The gold is moving in a bullish direction.

    2-Price breaking the sub-bearish trend on the hourly chart

    3- CCI above level 100

    4- RSI above level 50

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    fxmaster has finally chose the right direction. To all my fellow team mates i would like to guide them through gold and silver trading. Those who have sell order in place please close your trades in small profit or loss immediately and change direction of trades. Most of you have sold it at pretty low levels. It is better to close trade now and get into buy trade. If you still think these 2 are going down then sell it from a bit higher level. I have made the same mistake by buying it from top. The choice is ofcourse yours.

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    Here is my ysterday's fabulous work's detail. I had a very good sell order in place for silver but somehow my mind tricked itself to close it and open a buy order instead. I have stopped out now. I don't think i can recover from that. Can't read the charts, that's all.

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    Kamran thats too bad to see that a team mate has blown his account.

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    Meanwhile FXMaster its too high to open a buy position or positions. As we are team mates so its my suggestion for you keep selling metals. Happy trading

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    Quote Originally Posted by biofx View Post
    Kamran thats too bad to see that a team mate has blown his account
    Al hamdu Lillaah. I am back. I did a few scalping trades. but i was busy travelling therefore i coulsn't make any mistake and trades were closed in good profits. current balance is 5311$. I am trying to get 1000 more before the xlose of market.

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    Hi all, i did few more scalping trades on friday and made 400$ profit. I have another buy order open in silver. I am doing scalping in timeframe od 5 minutes, just trying to scalp and sell from top and buy from bottom. Once again i would ask my team mates to start using smaller timeframes and do short term trades. Time is short for contest. Only 2 weeks left. good luck

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    I am getting really sick of this market. My eyes are hurting and so is my mind. Gold and Silver are supposed to be co-related commodities. But gold is bullish and silver is bearish, don't know why or how. Only thing that comes to mind is market manipulators. Really frustrating, as gold is still in green while silver has dropped more than 1% today and still there are almost 9 hours left in the day.

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    I open long position in gold

    1- price at strong Supprot area
    2- 4H Candle close above 23% fibo
    3- Stochastic is over sold

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    pair /xauusd
    order number ,230171634,230171636,230171635,230171637,230171687 ,
    the volume of transactions,1
    the entry point of the transactions,1301
    the levels Take Profit,1296.04
    risk per trade in the deposit currency,full margin
    reason / pin bar on H1 frame at a supply zone

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