It is a very simple trade strategy i have learning from different angle ,i develop this strategy because of decision making ability of a trader like we lose so many opportunity just because of not taking decision on right time the advantage of this strategy is we have to open trade forcefully .

The method of this strategy is very simple it is actually based on support and resistance level , we enter at any level between the support and resistance and on same time we open buy order and sell order with same volume , when price touches its next resistance we close our buy trade and maximum droop of market is actually our profit, and if our sell trade is close at breakeven its mean we earn profits or we continue with further new trade opening , main advantage of using this strategy that we have always open trade which we have to manage so that force us to make decision on current market situation with the fear of losing .

We always active in this market this is a disadvantage because market price is everytime in our view and until Friday night we do not take rest because every time we have trade open in market , and 2nd disadvantage is regarding spread because sometime in fast movement i observe there is higher difference in buying and sell price so that make our trade profit less .

I add more real time example because that take time and i have open trade in this way when i have all the screen shot i update here .