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Thread: RoboForex free VPS + sPhantom

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    Question RoboForex free VPS + sPhantom

    Did anybody test / used sPhantom EA: __________ , on RoboForex VPS?

    I'm asking this, because in VPS Rules it says:

    We only grant access to our trading servers and websites, other Internet resources won’t be available. However, you may download and install to VPS server any software necessary for trading.

    And sPhantom dev said:

    sPhantom is an Expert Advisor which receives the entry points from our server. This makes us sure all clients would have the same result as us.

    Our Server side EA is automatic but our fundamental analysts controls the direction of the trades based on the currency news.

    I don't want to invest in it, and find out it doesn't work on RoboForex VPS.

    What do you think?


    - - - Updated - - -

    I also filed a ticket about signals, and got a reply that MT4 signals are available (which require connection to MetaQuotes servers).

    So sPhantom could also work. Any help is appreciated.

    2013/12/26 18:00:33 - Helga A

    MT4 signals are available in our VPS server.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any questions.

    You can contact us via ticket or via on-line chat

    Sincerely yours,


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    You should be careful as trader for every steps you take in the market because money is not easy to come by. But i must say that you are too been careful on this. The VPS of the roboforex will work just like other VPS, The sPhantom will surely work with it when you know the right settings.

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    I think it will be a good step for VPS account holders to get benefited by the s phantom free service as the Robo Forex itself is using that for them but anyway be careful on use because EA's are sometimes forcing more losses than gains, so get familiar with it before using.

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    i didn't test it but i have checked some data with my fxbook that is really good to me . this sphantom is really going to making a good money day by day . there are many trading ea which aren't able to do this money making . from that sense . that result is too cool and the result was valid and i can say that the result this this sphantom will be good .

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    i haven't test sPhantom, but i think it may be working properly if it is installed properly. and i wish VPS account holder will get benefitted by sPhantom service. however, VPS may work as other robo forex service. so, for the beginner, using manual trading is better than automatic trading system. you may find out settings to install or tesing sPhantom.

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    This is my opinion, I do not like to trading with any Expert Adviser if I can trade manually. I mean I can only use an EA in my trading if I have not time at all. Because I think any EA can make us loss in great and if if my trading is done by robot, I have no time to control it. Although now there many EAs in the world and using VPS to trade but I think trading manually is better than by using robot. But for those who trading by using robot, it is your option. Although, long or short time, I will use robot for trading because Roboforex provide VPS to trade, and it will helpful.

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    I also like to focus on well manual trading rather than any expert adviser trading system our own knowledge is best than nay other robot so please don't use any expert adviser in forex but if you want to stick with expert adviser and want to choose a good vps service then I will also suggest you ROBO FOREX VPS service and then its not necessary to pay dollars as per month bases to other party.

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    i am thinking for getting a vps but i don't know roboforex provide free vps service i like to try with free vps forex trading i earlier never try vps because this is a new thing for me but also i fear i need to give my details on another person computers so this is safe or not i check for free vps.
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    Sorry friend but I don't have any idea about VPS and sPHantom I know only about VPS service those traders who like to use robots for their trading use VPS service I think many of my friends use vps service with robo trading but I a manual trader so don't have exact idea about these both things. But I am very happy that Robo forex giving free service of VPS-sPHantom

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    lol There are thousand of expert advisor in the market. If you started following them then you will never running out of creating new new demo accounts. better quit such system learn some basic trading system like price actions,Harmonic patterns and fibonacci.

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