About 15 years ago there was no image or anything that would be considered as cryptocurrencies or, there would have never been any mention of alternative currency indeed these was when there was a high hype of plastic money, people thought that credit cards would be the thing of the future, I also did think of these to, there was a lot that was going on and possible alternative was being thought of, block chain , a computer technology that was thought off , because of its security and anonymity , the very first cryptocurrency was born, having not been able to understand fully, few people wanted to get involved. then acceptance of bitcoin, people started investing and introducing their own coins, and the very thought of mining and gaining some profit through block technology and at least having an alternative currency that would be possibly accepted, made it easy for people to invest their time and effort introducing new cryptocurrency in the market.

ethereum 2.jpg
Ethereum has been a wonderful crypto developed to permit other coins and decentralized applications, or dApps, to be built on the backbone it provides. At the same time, it’s a highly liquid and frequently traded coin, these makes it one of the most promising crypto, with a future to think of cryptocurrency ethereum has a possible future surge to 6000$ or even 8000$ per coin these being it has a dynamism in how it reacts to market and how stable it is in relation to bitcoin. Its price dropped steadily from the cryptocurrency price madness, issuing a stability warning to anyone who would love to invest in it, no one tells what future holds but am willing to bet on ethereum as a good return for money in 5 years to come. Although three months ago months ago ETH was struggling to recover from a difficult 2018. A week before Christmas it was trading at a paltry $83.That level, just half of today’s price, now seems like a bargain.
At time of writing, ETH is sliding back towards the mid $150s, down from its 2019 high of $183.03 on April 8. it acts as a good store of value.The future certainly seems bright. I would love to hear what you think guys. God bless you all.