Why do Cryptocurrencies rise by more than 25% over the past few days?

Cryptocurrencies have risen dramatically over the past few days starting in April. Where the Bitcoin climbed by more than 25% to pass the 5000 $ Why does this rise?

Unfortunately there is no concrete and obvious reason but there are several news that is believed to be the main reason for this rise and this news is

1-First News:-20000 Bitcoin was purchased in the amount of $100 million through the Bitcoin, Bitstamp and Kraken.

-Second news:-Increase activity in the Bitcoin portfolios.

As was known, more than 50% of the Bitcoin portfolios were inactive for more than 6 months, but the Bitcoin portfolios increased and the percentage of inactive portfolios reached 10%.

3-The third news:-The entry of the renowned trading expert Warren Buffett to the Cryptocurrencies trading market and has been made sure that this is false news.

4-The fourth news:-The news of the approval of the United States markets and Commodities authority to sell the ETF trader in Bitcoin and also made sure that this news is not correct.