Please Control your emotions.
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Thread: Please Control your emotions.

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    Please Control your emotions.

    So I suggest you, Please Don't trade with your Emotions and don't try to trade without learning more or without being enough skilled. do demo trading more and more and definitely carefully. Before opening a trade, always e try to analysis market movement and trading charts .

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    Well, i believe that all forex traders will want to control their emotion, but the irony of it is that not all were bale to control this emotion due to one thing or the other. Emotion is a very bad part of the trading in the market, and the best of it is when the trader gives it all it takes when controlling it. This is the only way the trader will trade with his whole expertise.

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    Forex trading is a very risky business so it is very important trader must don't trade with your Emotions.And also don't try to trade without learning more or without being enough skilled because it may cause a big loss in this business.So, it is very necessary to control your emotion if want to earn profit in this business.

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    Emotions is one of the disadvantage of any forex trader.It always lead us to loose in forex market and always make us greedy.the human emotion wants all the time the gain and the profit .For example if you are loosing in any trade if you trade with your emotion it always says the prices will come back wait,That will make you dont use the stop loose and that can cause to you very bad loose,.

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    Emotion is one of the biggest enemy for the Forex trading business and a lot of people loss large money not because of the market fluctuation or uncertainty but because of the emotions while trading and the only way to get rid of these bad habit is by self discipline and self control so always be cool while trading calculate the losses before placing orders to avoid quick reactions.

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    we need to trade with cool mind, or control the emotion as well as we can, because there is no good with emotion and it will make blind the mind ti think with clear anymore,
    emotion will always come up for some situation, when we get winning and losing, the emotion is there, we have to be careful for it

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    Forex trading is all about making money. but only a trader who is having sufficient knowledge about market and the price movement then only he can do successful trade. Other wise it is not an easy job to place order to win any trade.
    So if you want to do successful trade then become a learner first and gain maximum knowledge after that you have to practice a lot in demo trading account then only you will eligible to make god trade.

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    Yes dear we must have to control our emotions in forex trading market, all types of emotions are really dangerous for us and the main aim of these emotions are giving us only loss so we must have to control all the emotions if we want to do good trading and wanted to earn money all the time.

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    In the Forex trading business , emotion is the important part . so we can control our emotion because we can face the more loss . we must have to control our emotion in the trading market . All types of emotion is very dangerous for us and the main aim of these emotions are giving us only loss so we must control the emotion.

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    I think emotion is very bad and harmful for trader in Forex trading business because i believe with emotion no trader can gain success in Forex market. I think emotion is the best of one enemy for trader in Forex market. So try to control emotion and keep patience on trading for success in Forex market.

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