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Thread: Every person want money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharif1234 View Post
    When a newbies are join in forex business they want more and more money forex market, but they are be greedy and emotion on the money , they have no control on there trading strategy , other hand they make loss there money , do you agree on the statement.
    Yes that's right, all newbies will be like that, there are no traders get success instantly, everyone loses their money in the first year in forex trading, even the second year, third year, fourth year still many who lost their money ...., that's the fact. There are several phases or levels of a trader as a journey from beginner to pro trader. You can find a thread about this topic.

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    Of course currency market is like desease. We start trading and earnig the first profit. So good feeling. We want more and more. That is why I am comparing the currency market with desease. If we are succesful in market some time we start to study all the fings and it can become our serious job. We will earn our additional income and maybe somebody will become a millionaire :)

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    We all know that everybody want money for solving his or her personal need, and trading is a way for making easy and legit money even without stress. I ought everyone to start trading, you don’t have to stop doing what ever you are doing before you start trading, rather you can do what ever you have been doing or what you are doing and trade same time

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    Yes every person needs money because there is a war of capital in the whole world.those who have money are rulers and have power. In this capitalist society where there is the rule of survival of fittest everyone needs money to live standard life for which Forex provide full opportunity. Poverty is the biggest sin in the modern age.

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    yes To survive in this capitalist utility you must have large capital to avail yourself with facilities which modern world is providing. Forex is the best platform to earn and to make you run in this race but you must be hardworking and disciplined while working here.

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    This is a very basic and you have to realise that it is only money with which it comes the freedom to speak up your mind and its freely and live with dignity in the society so I would be amazed if there would be any person who does not want money because most of the people are here after it.
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    Of cours my friend every one want to know how to make money and he see the forex trading market as money but my friend if you don't every think about a forex you can't do somethink so you must learn and learn with your experience and your mistakes you will be a profisonnel trader

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    I think everyone wants money, and after they won nothing at the casino, they then go to forex hoping to win and not earn.

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