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Thread: No gain without pains in forex trade.

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    Trading is the best online business. it is more profitable business all over the world.Forex trading is the earning source of the income . so we need to spend to lot of tome learn basics of Forex . it is the best online business. Demo trading account to check our knowledge level . after all those if still we make mistake we have to rectify in time being take risk and pain .

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    Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown and this assertion is very true of forex trading because if it is so easy and cheap to make money in forex, every trader would be a millionaire but there is need to pass through some hard time before you can understand the rules of the market. It is always darkest before the dawn.

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    yes it is right if you want to earn from Forex market you must work hard to be a good trader . making any profits from the Forex market is totally depend on your experience so you must work so hard to have this experience to be able to make any profits form this risky market.

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    To get the better profit from this trade we need to take trouble to study and practice. Without proper knowledge we cannot hope to become a gainer. So, we can say that we can get the required profit from this trade if we try to learn forex properly spending much time. Your dialogue is true.

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    before achievements can be carried out in this company one must successfully go through some problems especially when one might be new to this company,this company is not always favourable as we want most time,but with dealing encounter we can always manage the industry and benefit from it as well when trading

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    Forex trade also have pain and after that u can receive unexpected result and u lead a successful life after cross this we should careful about

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    yes it's true that you cant's achieve anything without pain whereas if u think in Forex Trading you should remember it more & more.
    if you expert then it doesn't matter.

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    Of course no gain without pain in forex business. every forex traders need learn about forex trading business and take risk in forex business. Cause risk is very good in forex trading business. Without take risk here a trader never gain profit from forex business. Forex business there has risk is good for forex traders. So no gain without pains that is true on forex business.

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    Threre is no such a thing like a free lunch. So it is really unrealistic to hope for some huge and quick profit, without experience or without will for learning. The thing is that in first several years, no body make profit, and we lose a lot of money. But that losing is a normal part of trading path, and it could be the turning point where we can start to make money.

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    Yes friend you are right if we dont have power to accept challenge in forex trading and if we feel tention and dont have knowledge to understand the market then we can not get any thing from this...

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