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Thread: No gain without pains in forex trade.

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    there is something called baptism of fire in this business and every new trader must pass through it, it is not always a convenient thing to pass through it for many of us, but it is to bring out the best in us, take a look at gold, it does not become a desire metal until it has gone through the fire for all the dirty to come out of it, if it remain in its natural state, no one desire it but after it has gone through the fire, it become attractive and precious and everybody want to have it, that is how the forex business is designed, the pain comes before the gain, we all must be ready for this.

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    itvis true that no gain without pain because iven in life its a must you came across bad moment to archieve goodies so even here in forex you must have some pain of losss and eventually you find yourself rejoicing for the good profit you made so its just a matter if patient in forex

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    yes, you are very right that there is no gain without pain in the forex business, but if you look at the pain that forex traders has to go through , then you will agree with me that it is for a temporal time like that of a woman in serious labor of a childbirth, as soon as the baby is born the, she seems to forget all the labor pain that she had gone through, so as forex traders, we must endure the pain of the moment and trey as much as it lies within our ability to learn the business very well so that we do not have some still birth in this business.

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    Yes for real in forex trading there must be gains and pains you can not gain all the time sometime the market goes against your stake and wipes out your money or all of it ,but that should not make you quit trading you have to understand that it is just life in trading in forex market which like any other business where there are losses and profits so fellow traders let's trade without giving up

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    in forex trading there are no gains without pains and thi indicate that fores trading is a very risky business that might take all your money from you thus everyone should be carefull and disciplined so that you can not suffer the pains of forex,this because it is two way thing that some time you get profit and sometimes you can get losses

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    Yes, It is true for only Forex professional or traders. I have another business and I can't take any pain from Forex. I trade one or two in a week. I have created a manual strategy by others trading strategies analyze. Now , I am trade relax.Money management is best policy for Forex traders.

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    Yes that is true, no pain no gain in forex, learning process is very hard, sometimes you might be frustrated about you inability to develop a good trading strategy yet, but you should keep practising, and if you are eventually successful in getting a good strategy, implementing it is very easy to make real money.

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    No venture no gain so they say in life, if you do not want to suffer any pain in life then there is no way you can have the benefits of life as well, in this forex market , we must be ready to pass through the eyes of the needle if we will want to become what we have designed for ourselves, victory in life does not come until a battle has been fought and won .

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    it is not only in the forex market sir, it is all areas of life, we have to make a lot of sacrifice to get what we want, as they say that no venture in life no gain, so it is in the forex market, we must be ready to go through ale necessary process no matter how difficult it may be to get what we want from the market, forex is not an easy business and that is the truth, and anyone who want to get to the top in the business must be ready to pay the price.For every glory, there will always be some story.

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    orex market has huge opportunity to make money, so obviously we need to spend lot of time to learn basics of Forex, to research from various books and to read articles and testimonials posted by expert traders and after that we have to practice a lot in Demo trading account to check our knowledge level.

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