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Thread: No gain without pains in forex trade.

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    no risk no gain, we need to take the risk although some of them will make us feel bad, but it will become the point for us to grow up and do trading with better in the future. everything can happen to us at forex trading business from the worst to the best ones, and we just need to accept them and do not feel bad. losing is not a bad thing .

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkarev View Post
    before success can be achieved in this business one must pass through some hardship especially when one might be new to this business,this business is not always rosy as we want most time,but with trading experience we can always handle the market and profit from it as well when trading
    There is no permanent loss or a profit, even if a permanent rolling has experience in Forex, it is sooner or later going to lose a deal because it is impossible for anyone to control the direction of the market and this is what makes
    Forex difficult to predict, but with a different analysis and indicators can reach the most appropriate decision on the direction of currency rolling
    Even if the loss occurred after that it will be much less than the Winning trades and thus achieved a profit

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    Yes dear pain is important in trading, if we get pain then we will earn money so no business will be successful without the involvement of hard work in forex market. Many new traders thinks that they can get success here without doing much effort but it is wrong, these traders instead of earning money, they will get much loss.

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    There is no doubt that the foreign exchange market, expensive is really dangerous, and we all must preserve the possibility that all of us when we all earn more $ in addition, therefore, the welcome is very important for everyone could be higher but it's still an option option must carry a risk, and more opportunities can be a great disadvantage compared to the facilities.

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    yes its right that making profit from the forex field is not easy a person have to do hard working to make a good amount of profit from the field but there is also an thing that in my view this business is only diffcult in start after getting good knowledge and experience then at that stage profit making is easy thing.....

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    [lang=id]forex analysis we can and we learn, then we can estimate how large the losses and profits we will get every entry. We have to learn from experience in order to understand what we have done in the market. and we could also read some articles about foreign currency trading.[/lang]

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    If you make trade by following the rules that time I think it will never happen. If trade go your against & you use stop loss that time trade close with a limited loss. But if you do not use stop loss & make greedy trade only that time I think you find pain from your work & that time you will never find success from your trade.

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    Yes indeed i totally agree with the title of the post that there is no gain without pains in forex trading business. To succeed in forex trading business one needs to work day and night to gather updated tons of trading and analyzing knowledge. The more knowledge a trader have the more chance he will have of success.

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    Exactly if any trader says that he has never wiped a trading account, Then don't think that it is a credit.Fact is one day he will loose his account, So it would be better to make it as soon as possible so that he must know how he feels when a trader looses his account, And he will learn from the mistake.

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    Huge chance to make money, so obviously we need to spend lot of time to be informed basics of Forex, to analyze from more than a few books and to read articles and take a look published via knowledgeable traders and after that we have to follow a lot in Demo trading account to test our wisdom degree.

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