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Thread: No gain without pains in forex trade.

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    forex trading is as any ofother traditional trading in some matters .that as we should accept the win and profit the same we should accept the loss . to some degrees we should make self control when we face any loss .in other meaning we should be calm , quiet thinking and try to find any of the solutions to get out with out any loss

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    Quote Originally Posted by paritosh View Post
    This is obviously and absolutely true!! One thing to remember also! "No risk no gain." Then "No pain no gain". So keep in mind and Take some logical risk. Of course successful will come.
    You are very true , its mean if we do not take any risk then we wont be able to make profit. We need to know that forex is full risk of loss. So that we must to learn how to manage risk to reduce of loss happen which the pain can be minimized also . So every attempt for gaining more profit then we will have get pain possible

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    Sometime if you are able to find a trend you can make money with ease which you would have not been able to do with others. But most times we don't get profit easily. Forex market is the most volatile market in the world. It has great opportunity of making money, great possibility of losing also stay there. So if you don't take risk, then you will not gain it. Some trader double or triples or more in a day from their invest. It is of course high risk. Some other doubles money in a month or year. It all happens. First trade group are most time losers and later are most time winners.

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    We all profit and loss in Forex trading is a very risky business and know every part of the business. So we regularly profit in Forex trading is not necessary that we want to earn a profit, we have to face the loss. There is no gain without any pain , because we know and have worked hard to gain knowledge about the business. So we have to work hard to earn profits with patience.

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    That's compensate sir I am concord with your characteristic we can't neaten money in forex until we score not much knowledge and have of this business and both indication we change opportune money and some period we modify money in forex so we should not appear frustrated regarding that honorable a section of forex so be constructive and vocalist on vessel acquisition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nidhi View Post
    Yes sir you are very correct the Forex trading business is a very tough business it seems easy but on trading we find it very difficult to earn profits, so to have a good continuous and consistent earning we need to do a lot of hard work and learnings then only we can become a successful trader and all these requires to take a lot of pains before gain.
    success is a good mater but we can do it if we are intelligent . every success give pain because without any industry we can not do any work properly as a result this is very important.

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    oh yes i am properly agree with you no gain without pains in Forex trade . it is very dangerous business . all the traders are getting loss in this business . without getting pain no traders are get success of this business . so traders should know this things to get success .

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    Yes it is right. Some of the traders in the Forex business always want to making profit but unfortunately they are fall in loss. In my point of view that without facing loss we can't get profit from this business. It is like as proverb that no pain without no gains. So we should concentrate our business to accept loss and profit.

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    if one think that he will make profit then i think that he has to learn about the market first and then he can make profit as much as he want just need to stay with market for several months and then he can maek profit as much as he want, so stay with the market and then make profit as much as you want, and br rich is in short tiem.

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    In forex business pain and gain are the part of the business. Only thing that matter is overall score how much did you gained or pained ? So always consider yourself in a series of trade, Rather counting every single flip. Make terms like 1 month or 100 trades.

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