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Thread: No gain without pains in forex trade.

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    General Trading profit and loss and loss may be the step to learn a profit, there is no dealer by nature, but is the science and practice of all knowledge and the application of accepted right and wrong, especially in the field of forex no characters merchant did not lose, but I know people who Khosrow much even learned a good way, and now they are making a good profit continuously

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    For the earning purpose we have to bear loss because it is part of forex business so how can we avoid from it this is the no pain no gain system of earning and whereas my idea if we take risk more then we earn profit also double but it is risky for new traders

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    My opinion no gain without pain is good principles in forex trade , cause in any kind of business have concept about no risk no gain. So any business are need to face risk taking and the risk taking make their trade being loss trade also besides can help any to gain a lot of money and when get loss absolutely we will have painful in that moments

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    Yeah without hardworking and learning this well we cant make us good trader at all . Only good hardworking and learning about this Forex can give us good profits always . Maybe if we can practice on demo account always for get good experience then it will help us to get best profit at all .

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    though a profitable one but forex trading is a very had and risky business. trading and making profit here is very hard thing here. so that we may get loss here sometimes. it may give us pain. but we gain profit by the help of this pain.

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    I think same as you think. Without pain we can't be a gainer here and such type of pain are as more concentrate at Forex market it is painful for any person because getting knowledge about technical term of Forex market is difficult for any person but if we study about market deeply then we must getting adequate knowledge about market and become a potential trader for invest at market.

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    Yes, you are right, I agree with you. Forex is an online business, and we can properly learn Forex trading system, then we can easily make a lot of money. If we have more and more practice, so we first have to know. Forex in Forex trading knowledge can give us a power of Forex success. What do you think?

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    Yes of course I also think this. While trading in fore one trader can fall any defeat and loss all his gross money. But he needs to be patient. He needs to continue his work confidently. Today he may fall any loss but the next period he must be successful in the Forex trading and can reach to his long-cherished goal.

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    My buddy it really is correct for your currency trading. forex trading can be a large high-risk enterprise yet we could handle our own soreness simply by carrying out tough training a growing number of inside trial consideration. meaning to cut back the chance regarding investing we must become competent and possess to be able to business together with self-control.

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    This is obviously and absolutely true!! One thing to remember also! "No risk no gain." Then "No pain no gain". So keep in mind and Take some logical risk. Of course successful will come.

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