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Thread: No gain without pains in forex trade.

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    its obvious that without hard work you can earn nothing.every business requires your dedication and passion.if you are sincere with your work then you will give time to that and this pain will not be pain for you anymore and will turn into pleasure.

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    I thinks as new trader of forex trade business that forex trade is more profitable business is all over the world, but its true that we can't make profit from forex trade easily, We need more hard work to be successful. We have to know more about forex to gain form here . so i think the word is true for forex trade that no pain without pains in forex trade.what about you?
    yes bro i agree with you and my opinion is If you can't take pain then you should not work because working demands your sincerity and determination towards it. You have to stick to your Tarzan till you achieve it and while going through this journey you face lot of problems and the person to overcome all these problems win the race so so get the pain for lifetime rest.

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    Exactly this is particularly grow in this market because the market is really complexion mathematical and you have to apply many Formula and you have to look into the market from different dimensions and apply a lot of time frames in order to get at the real direction of the market so I think all of these things required a lot of hard work only then 1 may succeed.
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