China to relax derivatives transaction management
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Thread: China to relax derivatives transaction management

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    China to relax derivatives transaction management

    China's State Administration of Foreign Exchange on Thursday (December 19) said it would relax the derivatives transaction management, allowing more banks to engage in foreign exchange and currency swap transactions.

    According to a notice issued by the SAFE website has been made on the forward foreign exchange business customers qualified banks and their branches, it can automatically obtain foreign exchange swaps, currency swaps business qualifications, without application filed again.

    However, traders said they expected before the end of the foreign exchange bureau will take more forceful measures to open foreign exchange market, so they are disappointed.

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    I guess this information is good for the China economy which is the second largest growing economy, and this would also create more volatility in the currency market which also means more risks.

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    Is a derivatives that do not have stand-alone value, but are derived from the securities (or Item) replace option.
    The options give the holder the right (but not the obligation) to sell (Put Option) or buy (Call Option) or out of a specific security at a specified price during a specified period (American option) or on a specific date (European option) at a price agreed upon in advance. So do not give the option holder the right to purchase directly in the ownership of the asset is not implemented as long as the option to purchase.
    Because the buyer of the option has the right to implement or not to implement the option, it pays to those who gave him the right to return for a purchase value of the right to choose (Premium)

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