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    xauyuro journal

    Have you ever heard about the spartan trader forex system by Nicos Mermigas? this system uses 4 EMA and 1-2-3 methods.
    For the past few years I have been studying it even though I haven't mastered it 100 percent.
    there are still many shortcomings that I must correct, especially foresight in finding the best setup to decide on entering the market using this system.

    and I am also still having difficulty finding patterns 1 - 2-3, it is very sad, because I am not observant and lack the basic knowledge that I have. but, at least, this system is suitable for my trading style. because of my lack, I combine this Spartan system with breakout zone A.

    my best friend who is also a senior trader who introduced me to this trading system. he gave me an ebook about this system. maybe I need a lot of time to be able to master it. that's why I want to share in my journal in Roboforum.

    So, what other indicators do we need to approach trading according to the Spartan Trader Forex system?
    this system uses 2 basic indicators :

    after we analyze the chart using the indicators above, don't forget to check the news calendar to make sure that we do not execute a trade close to an important political or economic news announcement. if the momentum approaches news relase then be patient first.

    in this system the EMA used is EMA 12, EMA 36, EMA 200 and EMA 633.

    okay, we will continue later, and please help me because I am still studying and learning notes I write here.
    apologize if my writing language is difficult to understand because I use google translation.

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    the system looks good for trading but it is better to give us more details about the trading system, it depends on good indicators like heiken ashi and moving average and so this will keep trading more effective and more profitable because the signals of trading will be clear and so the trader will be able to make easy and simple trading mostly.

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    The only thing am left with is testing the system if it works or not these is a good system and the work of it is to really develop a good sign to which one can be able to run it, its really important to work the market in an absolute perfection and the only thing I can bet on is the EMA, these at any point works perfectly , its what I use most since it helps a lot in understanding simple , but me most of the time I use the defult, 24 Ema and 40 EMA and the third is 56 EMA, they help me a lot, heiken ashi is standard procedure for me.

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