How is everyone?

I hope you're doing great and hopefully I'm still counted in this contest because I'm writing this topic in the last days. As my first paragraph, I'd like to say a lot of thanks for this forum for giving such great contest and the topic is about Services and programs of the company RoboForex, based on customer reviews. Very well then, if it's customer reviews we want to read and know, then I shall give mine in this thread which is talking about "RoboForex Stocks" service.

I. RoboForex Stocks Q & A

I - 1. What is RoboForex Stocks?

RoboForex Stocks is one of available service from RoboForex to allow every clients to trade more than 9,400 Stocks, Forex pairs, Indices, ETFs, and even Cryptocurrencies. We can trade all those pairs from one single type of account, which is R Trader. Trading with this platform is far different than any other platforms that available in RoboForex. It's specifically created to maximize all the simplicity and efficiency to focus on Stocks and other unique pairs beside Forex pairs. One more thing I forgot to describe about R Trader, it's a web-based trading platform so it's literally different than others from MT4, MT5, and cTrader.

With this excellent service from RoboForex, we can purchase any Stocks we want through online trading without doing it in traditional way. We'll become the part of company's assets and profits
by purchasing or selling the Stocks based on our analysis. Nowadays, techonology brings all the possibility to do any business easily and online Stock trading which is the service from RoboForex is the one we can do to trade and make money with.

A short overview of how we're going to trade with R Trader platform. Here I was logging in as a Guest.

I - 2. What are the terms and conditions for a person to be able to trade with RoboForex Stocks service?

As usual, there are agreements we must read and understand but it's all become a common thing which we'll directly checklist and agree because we read it many times already. The only terms we must agree are to deposit our money at least $100 and we'll be trading with very low leverage up to 1:20. Consider many times before depositing that small money to trade with this service because it's completely suitable for businessmen or big traders who, at least got as minimum as $5,000 deposit to trade with. Nevermind, as long as we got the desire to use this service and want to trade with Stocks then we're still allowed to do this.

This is a short version of terms we must understand before trading with Stocks market using this service

I - 3. How to set up an account to trade with Stocks?

> Login to your Member Area

> Click on Live Account then choose R Trader account

> Set up your password and leave the affiliation code in blank unless you got someone who's referred you here. Leverage can't be increased so stay with that.

I - 4. How to trade and experience the service of RoboForex Stocks?

Since RoboForex Stocks has different platform to use to trade, it will lead us to a different website where it leads to the R Trader platform. The link to the platform is here where we can input our data from previous registration we did on our Member Area. Keep the data and don't forget to save our login details once we've come to the platform.

This is how it looks when the account has money and available to trade. By the way, I was using demo account there so the deposit is quite big.

I - 5. Important notices to remember when trading with this service using R Trader platform

> There's a commission per each trade so it'll be quite different than a usual Forex trading with MT4 or MT5.
> Different level of equity will provide different level of leverage. Lower deposit will be included with big leverage, and with higher deposit will be included with small leverage for safety reason.
> Remember that we're trading with Stocks market where there are market sessions which is totally different than Forex market. Each time we hold our trades after market session's finished, we'll be charged with extra fee and the longer we hold the trades, the bigger the fees will become.

II. Advantages and disadvantages of trading with RoboForex Stocks service

II - 1. Advantages

> Simplicity in trading because the platform is web-based. No need to install anything and we can save the space of our hard disk.
> Full access to more than 9,400 trading instruments which we can find them all through search bar inside the platform. More pairs available means bigger opportunity to trade and make money.
> There's online education and news which updated directly to our platform's feed so we won't miss anything while learning about the strategies.
> Small leverage provides better protection to help traders to avoid overtrading.
> Giving the best yet different experience of trading with multiple pairs in market and get ourself used to trade during weekend.

II - 2. Disadvantages

> None, so far that I'm thinking and reading in the web.