Welcome all on this very famous broker where we have good opportunity in earning like roboforex is one of the best broker which will give all opportunities for earning and keep safe investor and give extra opportunity for earning , today i writing about the services which is also very helpful to enhance our profitability it is actually give share from broker profits .

Meaning of rebate

In simply we can say that it is an extra advantage from broker whether we are wining in trade or face losses our profit is compulsory , trader income is based trade we plan over the month maximum trade we plan , in this way of trade scalper have more chances for earning money from market because they are always make so many trade so if we meet the minimum limit of specifies lot we are able to earn handsome profit from it .
we get rebate with advantage of ;
  • There is no restriction of plateform we trade on mt4 ,mt5,cplateform and RAMM platform .
  • We get monthly payouts depend on trader we closed .
  • There is no other additional condition applied we freely used our part of rebate because it is not a bonus money .

Minimum lot to trade
To get rebate money we have to complete minimum 10 lots after we are liable to get our rebate money as a trader increase his volume of trading for the money so that is helpful to enhance our profitability.

rebate according to the account type
As we have different kind of account like cent account , pro account etc we have different rate of part lot which we get from market the detail is below ,

Important note ;
The rate of cashback(rebate) for cent account is 10 time less then the stander and ECN type of account .

How to receive Rebate
  • First of all we have to register at the roboforex ,
  • We use all type of account like pro,cent and ECN ,
  • Then we are free to trade under the section and trade minimum 10 lot at the month end ,
  • Payout are made at the first day of next month under the head of rebate ,
  • Detail is attached we check on Member area

Example of calculation
We take example of pro stander account ,
Trade volume ,50 lots
Currency ,USD
Rebate , 5%
spread par lot is 20 dollar

calculation, (50lot *20Dollar * 5%rebate)
Rebate in cash is 50 dollar this is share by broker for betterment of our trading .