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    "RAMM" service


    RAMM which stands for Risk Allocation and Money Management is a newly introduced trading and investment platform available on RoboForex. RAMM is the best service from RoboForex to help its clients in controlling the risk while trading. the main advantage of choosing RAMM is that we'll play a different role and mostly as an investor where we can choose the suitable level of losses we can accept in trading. we decide how much the percentage we can take as our loss limit. we won’t lose more than our limit we've set before and we'll get the same yield as the trader, regardless of whatever the traders we're investing our money has difficulties in their strategies and other setups they're making. usually, traders attracts other people to invest to them by showing an impressive trading result after couple weeks in trading with increasing yield and bigger investments.

    RAMM is the only service from RoboForex to help their clients to become investors where they can a lot of choice to invest their funds to many experienced traders that has listed themselves with RoboForex and has growing profitability over weeks and more. using this service, we can no longer worry about making money from market anymore because we can let those experienced traders whom we've invested our money with to trade for us and we'll get the profits according to the limit we set before. RAMM service is very suitable for people who never know about trading and want to learn and earn from forex market altoghether. here's more explanation you can find from official website of RoboForex about what's RAMM.

    RAMM account has a lot of advantages compared to its competitor, CopyFx. each service has their own differences and advantages but for real investors who really want to make long term trading and big investments to make, then their choice should be with RAMM. beside, trading with RAMM accounts means we'll be trading with CFD instruments while CopyFX trade with forex instruments. this is one main difference i know from these 2 services from RoboForex. based on RoboForex official website of RAMM, there explained many differences we can find by using RAMM service.

    complete control over your account
    as explained above, our money will stay inside our account and we can do whatever we want with it. there's no rules that bind us because we can let our trades open and close them as we like if we think we got enough profits and want to withdraw it. the system won't be interrupted and whenever the traders are about to open a new one, our account will follow it even after we close the previous trades faster before the traders execute them.

    risk level limitations
    this is what makes us investors become less to worry about our account because there'll be no chance of losing our own funds by investing it to other traders using this service because the system will automatically stop the activity once our limit of losses has been reached. our account will automatically follow to trade again after a new day when our risk level is reset back.

    the system is easy to work with
    as an investor, we don't need to analyze things up with market and spend our time to draw lines and so on because everything will be handled well by the traders as they do the whole job. we can simply put our preferences in trading then system will automatically respond it and give us the best feedback according to our setting.

    long-term efficiency
    trading with RAMM service is very suitable for people who doesn't has any required experience about this business and want to make extra money in long term as an investment, which make every participant automatically become an investor. there's also another part we can become as the traders but to reduce the efforts and use our time to do something else, i believe most of us will prefer to be investors more than traders.

    invest into strategies
    choose one or many strategies available in RAMM service that really promising and accurate for us. then we can entrust our funds to the traders who works with the strategies we like and follow up.

    attract investors
    when we choose to become the traders, we got a lot of work to do to attract new investors to come and invest their money to our strategies by doing the best we can do with consistent trading performance with increasing status in profit. no matter of amount we can win is relatively small to average amount, as long as the balance is going higher then people will be interested to come.

    which one you want to choose now? there are so many excellent services and programs that RoboForex has and in my thread now i'm describing about RAMM. i understand that every traders has their own right to choose what's best for them but for the sake of simplicity in trading and doing this business with less effort, i can suggest those people to come investing their money by using RAMM service more than other services. i once thought that CopyFx is the only service which available in RoboForex but after a while in searching and looking for things regarding investment, i finally found RAMM has better advantages. there's one more thing to explain about differences between RAMM, PAMM, and signal service which i found on RoboForex RAMM website.

    final conclusions about this service, there's no a small disadvantage can be found in this great service. i believe RAMM account has helped a lot of beginners to slowly understand about market and how this business works without letting them to lose their initial deposit just like how traders are normally doing without using any kind of service. big thanks to RoboForex who's responsible to provide so many great services which totally help their clients in making money and enjoy this business together with less stress and worries. those who's still struggling in this business and hard to make money has finally found the solution to use their money wisely and invest it to experienced traders that available in RoboForex in RAMM. thank you for giving me this opportunity and i hope this information should explain the advantages of RAMM.

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    Is RAMM the same as PAMM and Copy trader? if it's different, what's the difference?

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