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    The programm " Leverage up to 1:2000"

    You can increase the leverage up to 1:2000 on all RoboForex standard and cent accounts:

    The leverage value on real accounts is automatically reduced up to 1:1000:

    1. From 11:00 PM (EET) Friday to 1:00 AM (EET) Saturday. During this period of time, you can’t choose the increased leverage. After this period, the leverage is automatically restored.
    2. If the Equity on the account exceeds 5,000 USD or its equivalent in account currency.

    Equity is the current amount of funds, which is calculated according to the following formula:

    <Equity> = <Account balance> + <Floating (not fixed) result for open position>

    You can view the current Equity in "Trading" tab of your trading terminal.

    In case the Equity on the trading account exceeds the numbers specified above and the increased leverage is automatically decreased to 1:1000, you have to decrease the Equity up to the required numbers and send the second request to restore the leverage in "Change leverage" section of your Members Area.

    Please note, that in case of any changes of the leverage on the trading account, all margin parameters in your trading terminal will be displayed according to the previous leverage value until you re-login to your trading terminal.

    We recommend you to re-login to your trading terminal after any changes made to the leverage, so that all margin parameters are displayed correctly.

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    The programm " Leverage up to 1:2000"

    Part 1. Basic

    leverage up to 1:2000 is finally come to roboforex which only available for its clients, the verified one. this has become a great opportunity for traders to choose their increased leverage because the previous highest one remains at 1:1000. this opens more simplicity as this service of high leverage will give traders, roboforex clients to trade with less margin required per lot size but feel the same experience in everything with market. of course, there are always terms and conditions for us to meet before we can use and enjoy this great promotion from roboforex and with this part, i can say it's pretty simple to set. in basic explanation, 1:2000 leverage is available now and everybody can change their leverage to this level.

    Part 2. Rules of 1:2000 leverage program

    before going to the application or steps to change the leverage, it's always important for traders to read the written rules about any programs they want to participate in order to avoid all the issues and miscommunication which usually happens later. be a wise and discipline trader to prepare everything from the knowledge then go for the practical method, this applies to this leverage programs as well. according to the rules i read from https://my.roboforex.com/files/filem...rage-bz-en.pdf as you can see this for yourself to get better clarity, there are things we must pay attention before, during, and after we change our leverage. the rules are:

    1. all roboforex clients who has a real trading account can participate in the program,
    2. the leverage 1:2000 is only available for mt4 and mt5 accounts of all fix and standard accounts, even copyfx is included as well. this explains we can't use ctrader account with this leverage because it's not available yet, for now,
    3. the increased leverage is only available to the clients, if their equity on their account doesn’t exceed 5,000 usd or or its equivalent in account currency. however, i think if our account has more than 5,000 usd deposits it's better not to choose this leverage to trade and choose ctrader platform instead with 1:500 max leverage (for security and safety reason),
    4. in case if the equity on client's trading account with the increased leverage exceeds the numbers specified above, which i actually mentioned above, the leverage will be automatically decreased to 1:1000 even if we previously set it to 1:2000 (pay attention to the rules). after the equity reduces below the numbers specified above, the client may choose the increased leverage again in his members area. to avoid this complexity, we need to stick to our choice and don't keep changing or increasing our deposits if we really want to trade with 1:2000 leverage,
    5. this rules needs to be monitored because this one changes our leverage according to system and server. to real accounts, from 11:00 pm (EET) friday to 1:00 am (EET) saturday, where:
    a. the increased leverage for all accounts will be automatically decreased to 1:1000,
    b. clients of roboforex aren't allowed to change their usual leverage to the increased one during that time,
    c. clients aren't allowed to register new accounts with the increased leverage
    d. after 1:00 AM (EET) saturday, the leverage is automatically restored to the previous value.
    6. the most essential condition of the program is the right of roboforex to deny the client the increased leverage without giving any reasons and/or advance notice.

    each rules has this point in the end so please consider thinking about the rest of points above and stop making random complaints too early before reading and understanding all above points. besides, roboforex is a great company so it's so rare to see how clients are ignored to follow any promotions as long as the clients can cooperate with the rules and of course, as the promotions holder, roboforex has the highest authority to cancel or reject client's request without giving any explanations. don't ask why, that's the agreement we have to comply.

    Part 3. Steps of changing the leverage

    for detailed information, you can go to this link https://www.roboforex.com/clients/se...00-up-leverage directly or if you want to know my way of changing my leverage, here i will explain how i do it based on information i got from roboforex websites and live chat. here you go:

    - login to your member area first,

    - then click on the question mark (?) next to leverage. my current leverage now is 1:500,

    - it'll automatically pop up a new tab in your browser to open new page where we can change our leverage,

    - to change the leverage to 1:2000, simply click on the button next to my current leverage, then we'll see a descending choice which enlist various amount of leverage we can choose

    - now pick 1:2000. there's an agreement will show up below the leverage we want to use and this is what i've mentioned above that must be read and understand first before we use this program. click if you think you've read it and understand it well. don't forget to click the change leverage button.

    - a new page will reload and there'll be a notification to inform us that we've successfully change the leverage. hooray!

    Part 4. My conclusions

    now that's a complete tutorial for you about roboforex one of best service and programs with increased leverage up to 1:2000. to be honest i was so glad when i firstly got the notification about this increased leverage and i changed my leverage as fast as possible once i heard about the news. by far with my trading, there are no problems with this leverage at all because if there are any traders who blame this big leverage as the cause of their failure or losses, it explains that they're not a good trader and not really a good reader though because they don't understand the terms completely.

    i only feel a lot of benefits with this leverage and i think every traders must understand that the only limit they can do lies on their own decision, experience, and responsibility. company like roboforex only provides the best they can give to their clients to feel the difference and safety while trading. as the clients who trade with roboforex, we must fully aware of the rules and discipline to them. beside, there are no hidden terms or rules coming from roboforex that makes their clients feel disturbed or difficulties because whatever roboforex provides, it's all for their lovely clients. honor them like you honor yourself as a person, an individual, a best friend, and a company who will always there for you when you're trading.

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    thank you for the information that will definitely be useful for traders who read it especially roboforex traders. basically the use of large leverage is certainly risky but on the other hand it is also very helpful especially for traders who have small capital.it will be very helpful when you are facing floating minus.
    hopefully the 1: 2000 leverage in the future can be valid or available for all types of roboforex accounts

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