When a trader is new in this market we get basic learning the next step is to deposit funds in live account for this purpose every trader chose broker for trade , and its a very complicated process we looking so many thing from funds security and lowest cost competitive best broker . so find we must get solution of following point further we process our fund deposit . these are following !

Broker security
First and foremost quality of a broker is highly secure and we judge it from its regulation from regulatory agencies they are so many around but we chose our broker must regulated from the best regulatory authority as example of roboforex!

Transaction cost
In this point we check that how perfect our broker provide us minimum spread and how much swab charge by broker if our cost is minimum then obviously the effect of broker is positive and there are more chances of pips earning , roboforex share a very good rebate system to improve our profitability .

Deposit and Withdraw
Good and best forex broker always allow you to deposit and withdraw your earning in very easy way , if a broker provide maximum facilities so we are able to make our decision for selection and also it is because money belong to the trader so we have to get maximum good services from it .

Trading platform
Overall our trading is depend on platform if the broker is provide good services about it so we consider it is best , roboforex provide compitative kind of plateform for working .

It is a mandatory that your broker fills you at the best possible price for your order , under normal market condition , liquidity and no important news release , effect not too much we get always best price for our trade even when we are exit from market will be at lowest price .

Customer services
Broker services matter always a lot and give us best solution there are many poor broker here which do not give service in valid way and even when we try to get our withdraw we always face rejection i am comfortable with the services of roboforex from all end i invite many friend for doing live trading with roboforex markets .