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Thread: Don't be greed trader when trading.

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    Yes dear , we must have to control the greed , if we want to earn money in this business. Greed is the dangerous emotion which gives us only loss. It must be controlled by us and it needs much patience in a trader. We all want much money but this emotion is big hurdle in the way of successful career.

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    After making some profit a trader try to make more profit by using bigger risk that lead to our greed and because of our greed we mostly loose our all money I think over confidence also lead to our greed in forex we should try to reduce the level of over confidence too

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    [lang=ar]Greed is Alta number one in trade, but always want more profit always think it over confidence also leads to greed in our forex we should try to reduce the level of over-confidence in the self must be controlled in self at a loss to avoid further loss of control when the gain and lack of greed greed and the more I think discipline can make us deal with greed in our trading.[/lang]

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    Yes dear we should not be greedy while doing trading because it is the business for cool and serious persons who knows how to trade and how to survive in this market. A greedy trader will gets only loss and even we blow the account very quickly so greed must be controlled every time . All emotions are dangerous for us.

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    Greedy trader always suffer a lot, The main common mistake done by greedy trader is, They put low stoploss but high takeprofit like 1:10 risk:reward ratio. And the second thing is they double there money management whenever they see a trade with good risk:reward ratio.

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    Exposed a lot of traders to losses and frustration and is often greed of the most important reasons for this, but we have to put this plan prior to the style of trading, taking into account the presence of all the details, such as:
    1 - Determine the value of the amount to be invested in forex so that should be commensurate with the trading method does not even aspire to duplicate in a short period.
    2 - Determine the value of contracts and the number of points daily profit and stop-loss amount must not exceed the margin about 5%.
    3 - Determine the number of transactions daily and weekly and commitment to capital management so as not to take any risks by more than 10% of the value of the account.
    4 - When the losses we must reduce the value of contracts in transactions and not to enter into transactions at random.
    5 - rely on a clear strategy to analyze the market in terms of business opportunities provide a strong and abiding by the rules in the correct use of hedging and cooling and reinforcement.

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    Yes dear we must have to control the greed in forex market. Greed is the dangerous emotion and it can gives us much larger loss in forex market. We need much patience and effort in order to control the greed and do good trading so emotions must be controlled every time.

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    Many hpye seriously benefit small businesses. However, we all tend to generate profits this business even gourmand or perhaps another small company. Cautious and expressions as well as research in this area will help reduce the cuts.

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    Too much of greed is not good for any business. However, we tend to get greedy once we start making profit in this trading or any other business. Wise decisions coupled with market analysis can help prevent further losses.

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    hahaha not in only forex in all the business and in all the money we have to left it back in the world. but its the try and efford of the human that he want to make his life easy with different luxuries so thats why people are earning not for taking it into their grave......

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