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Thread: Don't be greed trader when trading.

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    Greed is the main curse in Forex business. Most of the trader faced a great loss due to greed. As Forex is more profitable business that reason most of the trader can not control their greed and ultimately faces a great loss. If a person can control their greed then he or she will be gainer in Forex market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowek ireng View Post
    greed is so worst and dangerous character some any people that is why we don't greed when trade cause it creates bad result on our business or our work. its has proved with there are many traders get loss in this business because they are too greedy with want make money in over night
    [lang=ar]greed is a part of emotion, and it will harm our trading forex and if we let it stay in mind then it will make blind the mind to think with clear, greed will come up for some situation, winning and losing, and as long as we want to get big profit, or take back our losing or revenge, then it will lead us to face some problem[/lang]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swan View Post
    Trading should be done with patience and controlling your greed it is excellent trading and if we do work with greed and think by doing greed we can become rich person of world then we are wrong so we should make better choice by which we can gain profit
    That is true and therefore we don't be greed trade in this business, in most of time because of greed we always loss our money in trade result . So greed is very bad things , by take greediness in Forex then we will want to earn again and again without having satisfied without thinking the risk of the losses when at that times

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    greed is the number one enemy of forex trading business and also for our career. forex trading is offering us to earn huge amount of profit. but in time of trading we feel greedy sometime. as a result we get loss. so do not be greedy.

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    Greedy is one of the most cause for capital lost at Forex market.Any one can drive by greediness because when they seen that they make money at market without more knowledge then they make invest big capital without market knowledge by induce of greediness and this is brings very difficult situation for trader.So any trader should be checked greediness and take right decision by knowing market strategy.

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    There is a proverb that 'Greed is sin and sin to death'. So while trading in Forex field one trader needs to control his greed. Don't try to continue your business by scalping. You may fall any loss in this method. Always work confidently with perseverance and experience that will be helpful fro him to shine in the business.

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    Yes, i totally agree that one should not become greed trader when trading in live trading platform because this can cause us to make wrong decision in our trade and also cause us to have huge amount of financial loss.

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    Education is the most important thing in life is to walk towards us, no man can know prosper without education. I'm here to make a mark in this field, and I want to learn and then to fulfill my dreams and earn that money and use it only if it is possible that.I most enjoy this trade cause i can earn money from this trade.

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    indeed this is actually the weak point associated with the majority of the investors that after these people help to make revenue they stat to consider that they'll help to make more and begin in order to more than industry because of that they can display their own avarice as well as shed their own cash also it truly gets irritating with regard to on their own. therefore we ought to prevent avarice.

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    I am also agree if we don't greed when we trade in forex business and for that i think discipline can make us handle the greediness in our trading. make sure that we know the target as rational at every trading that make us have confident and accordance with the capability not base on greed

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