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Thread: Don't be greed trader when trading.

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    I believe that trader don't intentionally get greedy while trading in Forex because greedy is very risky which may cause a big loss in this Forex trading might get greedy when making profit by wanting more but the most important thing is that we need to stay disciple and have patience if we want to earn profit.

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    Greed is a natural instinct in human being and that is why man is always insatiable and if this is not tamed in forex trading, it will eventually leads to teribble loss of account. It takes discipline to control greed and discipline is what no man can teach you, you will have to teach yourself. Good risk and proper money management has really helped me to overcome my own greed because it is slow and steady that wins the race.

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    Yes dear we should not be greedy in forex market and should do trade with rules and plans all the time, it is essential for us for our rewarding career. If we trade properly then we can able to maximize our profits and minimize our loss but many traders did not face properly and do trade with much greediness and which result much loss by forex traders.

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    We must never be greedy while trading. A traders must try to keep himself happy with whatever he earns from the trade. There should be an urge to earn more but it should proceed in a positive way. Greed is the worst enemy of a trader.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Being too greedy would definatly ruin you no matter the short tern gains you think you make ,don't get too confidence and greedy thinking you've found a holy grail, if you can't control your emotions you should learn to because this would put you in a better condition than over trading and losing control if yourself without having limits and targets.

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    greed is the worst enemy of the trader. No doubt greed is the cause of loss because when any trader get some pips then he or she tries to get more and more pips, I think this method is very dangerous, we should keep ourselves away from this method and never trade with greedy minds. We should get just reasonable pips and trade according to our target in order to prevent the greed.

    greed appear most of the time on new trader they have not any exact idea about trading and they think that trading is a money making machine and they will not take a step of stop trading at any level so at the end of the day they loss all profit.

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    Yes dear we should not be greedy because greed gives us much loss and even blows the account very quickly. This is the most dangerous emotion but it is not easy to control this emotions, it needs much practice and hard work by every forex trader all the time , so it is important for every forex trader of the world.

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    i believe investor don't deliberately get selfish,it because there are being service provider away with the situation of their consideration when dealing,one might get selfish when creating benefit by seeking more and one might get selfish as well when his consideration is on the dropping part,the most essential is that we need to remain disciple and have a strategy.

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    Yes it is 100% true do not be greedy when trading in Forex because with greed Forex success so difficult. I think greed is very bad in Forex trading business. So always try to control greed and keep patience on trading for success in Forex trading business.

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    Every trader needs more money from Forex. but the question is that whether it is possible for every trader or not? The answer is only expert traders can make big money from any position. So limit your profit and trade with proper strategy can help you to sustain your presence in market for longer period which will long term beneficial to you.
    If you want big profit and already running profit is their then use trailing stop loss for big profit.

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