What is the What is the Dash coin? coin?
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Thread: What is the What is the Dash coin? coin?

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    What is the What is the Dash coin? coin?


    Today, after the Cryptocurrencies itself, in many markets, has become an active component of various remittance and financial transactions, many new currencies, which are trying to prove themselves in the market, and from these currencies are working hard to gain access to the Cryptocurrencies pyramid, are the DASH Cryptocurrencies, we will explain in the subject what the currency, its current price, its advantages and disadvantages, the way it is obtained, its current price and its competitors in the Cryptocurrencies market.

    DASH :-

    DASH.. One of the most famous Cryptocurrencies on the world stage, it is a decentralized, encrypted currency, operating on the Balucchin system, and branched out of the currency of the composition, but with significant improvements and developments, such as making transactions faster with absolute privacy.
    DASH is the first Cryptocurrencies with a decentralized blockchin system called Decentralized Governance by Blockchain.Looking at the word DASH, we will find it a word consisting of two words, digital Cash, that is, that is, numeric money.

    Start DASH

    Dash's coin appeared in January 2014 but under the name of Xcoin, and then it was changed to Darkcoin, and in March 2015 its name was changed to become the name currently on it, a dash, and a split of the bitcoins was created, which means that it duplicated Bitcoin with the addition of many advantages and characteristics.
    Dash came to fix the flaws and weaknesses of the composition, it is considered an alternative currency for Bitcoin, not only the composition but the other Cryptocurrencies ,DASH is characterized by speed, privacy, anonymity, and absolute decentralization.

    Features of Dash:-

    1- Dach is characterized by a system of (darksend) and this system makes the transactions performed in Dash impossible to track. It does not require a person's account, nor does it require the registration or confirmation of the customer's personal identity. This is better than what is available in the Bitcoin that ranks first among the Cryptocurrencies in the market, and puts Dash in a better position because of the privacy and confidentiality characteristic.

    2- Dash currency works on the cryptographic algorithm system (X11) of scientific hash functions (Blake, BMW, Groestl, JH, Keccak, Skein, Luffa, CubeHash, Shavite, SIMD, Echo.

    3-Each block needs 2.5 minutes to make it, and the coin is characterized by a decline in the production of the coin number by 7% per year.

    4-The difficulty system uses DGW.

    5-Decentralized network of Masternode.

    6-Superior replacement capability and privacy.

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    Dash Coin is an alternate coin that has decentralized technology that is the same as Bitcoin, but offers a level of anonymity that is more than bitcoin.
    Dash Coin basic tour as well as decentralized bitcoin technology is a very safe and fast delivery method regardless of third party control.
    And that makes it different from bitcoin. For bitcoin all transactions are recorded on the blockchain so that everyone can track the process of sending bitcoins from one wallet to another because all are transparent as long as there is an internet connection everyone can see your wallet balance and list of your wallet transactions

    For Dash Coin features are more anonymous and the level of privacy is higher than bitcoin. In conducting Dash Coin transactions you can really do without being tracked by other people.

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    Dash coin is one of the most important crypto coin out there in the market there is a chance that when you look for dash, its more stable as copaired to bitcoin, the price is always stable, you are not worried if you convert your money to dash , the following day it will have a spike that might cause you to lose money, how ever its price also is still affected by the gain or loss of bitcoin and that has been something that traders dont mostly understand

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    I feel really shy to ask this question but I think I have nowhere else to go because in all other forums they work mostly with Bitcoin or Ethereum, but not with Dash. And I decided that I will start with that, because the exchange rate is more clear for me. So my question is how do I increase the number of coins if I have zero trading or mining skills? I read content about crypto lotteries and games for crypto and fortunately they accept Dash too. But will this be a good investment of my time and money, what do you think? Or I'd rather go and take coursebooks and learn first?

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