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Thread: CopyFX-Nadyushka

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    Trader: Nadyushka,
    Forum nickname: nadezhda84
    Account number: 5258328
    Server name: RoboForex Pro-Cent
    Account type: CopyFx MT4 Pro-Cent
    Leverage: 1:100
    Funds: 240 USD

    Risk level: Minimum

    Scheme: Trader without commission

    Amount of minimum deposit: 200 USD.

    I do a very reliable trading by robustly combining a number of trading instruments. I use my own in-home indicator that simultaneously has some features of Fibonacci levels, stochastic, and specifically chosen moving averages. Those who monitor my primary trading journal are probably aware of what and why I do.
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    Today, sell limit at $1.84 in GBP-AUD was activated. It is a nice trading pair for bearish parts of the price trajectory. First, it is volatile. Second, the volatility is relatively stable. I am waiting for a bearish movement in the near future, but I can of course, wait for a while.

    AUD-NZD and AUD-JPY are not very encouraging today. I have 1-2 USD pending losses in both of them.

    By the way, you can copy my trades without a commission. Yet.
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    This is another new journals from you and I do hope this new project will really give you the ability to keep on making the right trade in forex. The gbpaud have maintained a very strong bullish direction and at it have managed to reach the resistance level while making some little reversal. As it stand now I won't be risking any sell position but can take the steps of placing a buy stop order at above the resistance line in this market. So it's a trade we must observe and wait the opportunity to come to our trap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonycee View Post
    The gbpaud have maintained a very strong bullish direction
    It already goes down. I have this order open pretty happily (in this particular account, it was opened at $1.84; the other account has it opened at $1.83, as I wrote in your thread), with some pending profit/loss, and I plan to go towards or until $1.80.

    If you prefer a tight SL in GBP/AUD, then it is not recommended to risk.
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    The week has almost finished. It was not very volatile. I closed one order and I opened one order during the week.

    Pending orders

    In my CopyFX account, four orders are currently open:

    1 Buy in AUD-NZD, 0.1 lot with a small pending loss.
    2 Buys in AUD-JPY, 0.2 lot together with a small pending loss.
    1 Sell in GBP-AUD, 0.1 lot with a small pending profit.

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    the strategy is good and because it depends on moving average and fibonacci levels and so this can help for following of the trend by the moving average and find good positions of trading by fibonacci, so this will make trading good and profitable and will decrease the risk and also this will let the trader to reach his target easily anytime.

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    AUD is still far from my target levels, so I will not close the corresponding orders today.

    GBP-AUD brought a pending profit of around 120 points. Not that bad, but I expect, at least, 200 points more. I will keep that orders because of the reasonably good positive swap that I accumulate daily.

    Overall, all is good. All is stable. As always. It is a matter of patience to find for a right exit point.

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    GBP was very aggressive today. In my CopyFX account, the sell in the GBP-CAD instrument has been activated. The price was very nice to enter the market with an investor type trade. I see it as a long-term trade with an approximate goal at 200 points away or a bit more.

    As of now, I have small sell-orders in GBP-AUD and GBP-CAD.
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    GBP continues to be very aggressive in the currency market. Such an abrupt bullish shift will have consequences in the near future.

    I opened sell-orders in GBP-USD at $1.333 and continued to sell in GBP-AUD, at $1.866. Both are now slightly profitable.

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    The pending sell-order in GBP-NZD was activated at $1.9512. This is a good price to enter the market, since the overbought GBP is to go downside soon.

    GBP-AUD is not back yet, but GBP-USD and GBP-CAD follow their respective retracements.

    No orders have been closed today.

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