How to save the investment in the trading ?
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Thread: How to save the investment in the trading ?

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    Smile How to save the investment in the trading ?

    I think the forex trading is the risky business and the capital that we invest in the trading is important for the traders because if we have the we survive long in the trading so i want to know how we save our investment in the trading while we participated in the trading?

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    This is very important to learn how to protect your capital in Forex market? when you save capital will allow you to stay in market for long run which will give you long run benefit.
    To stay safe always trade less quantity, avoid using leverage.
    Book partial profit and trade with trail stop loss.
    use proper stop loss as per your capability etc.
    All those simple things can help you to save your capital and make a big corpus for you.

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    to save investment you need to trade with low percentage of your account that should not be more than %3 in each trade,you need also to trade with plan and strategy to be able to increase your profits and decrease your loss,with these two methods you will be relax and will take the right decision for trading and so you will survive in forex market and make good income

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    The best way to save the investment is always trade with money management and by following risk rewards ratio, in this way we can earn profits as well as we will be able to safeguard our capitals, and once we trade with money management we can very well recover our losses but trading without money management will be very harmful.

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    Low leverage and low volume trading can be helping in the market and you can live safe in the market.. and keep in mind you must always use stop loss becasue this is economical market and rates can be change any time without any limit. so therefore this very important..

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    Forex trading is a very risky business and to save the investment we need to start our trade with small investment.If you want to trade successfully you must need some certain knowledge and skill,good planning,strategy and analysis which is very in forex trading business.If trader have this he can save investment and can earn a huge amount of profit from his investment.

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    i think it is necessary to know what is your risk per trade and you must know also your bonus .and i think 1 % risk per trade will be safe for your investing . i think the Forex market is the best market to invest your own money .

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    Just create a trading plan and the discipline to apply money management in every trade. Because without money management I'm sure you will be difficult to survive in the forex trading, especially if you use high-risk systems without risk management.

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    The main part of the save the investment in trading is just follow the proper way of the trading and working politely. Every Forex business follow to apply the proper cash management. They should never try to without known about the Forex business.this Forex business system is the huge risk business . but the Forex business is the best profitable business of the world.

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    i think that If a trader trade in forex market to get profit he should not forget about the losses. Each and every trade is risky.... to shelter any capital, you have, must to use stop loss that limits the amount of your losses. Expert trader will never risk more than the capital is capable to bear, and remain patient watching when their capital is growing.

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