To my mind, price patterns are great tools to make trading decisions. The main advantage of price patterns is that they are applicable to any market or instrument, in any market conditions. This means that if you will find interesting information on chart patterns developed for commodities market, you can easily use them for trading Forex (in fact, almost all chart patterns were created either for stocks or for commodities).
Another important aspect is that they work the same way on all timeframes. So, if you have the pattern that works for you, you can apply it both on M5 and D1 charts. This creates great opportunities for scaling: when you have a pattern, you can start to use it on higher timeframes with higher positions. At the same time, it is important to define the right stop to keep the risk reward ratio. Sometimes it is quite difficult to define the right stop level for chart patterns, so the general rules of placing stops could be applied.
After a few years of trading you will create your own collection of chart patterns that work best for the markets and instruments you are trading. This will help you to improve your trading performance and increase your profits substantially.