Broker have any role in our success?
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Thread: Broker have any role in our success?

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    Exclamation Broker have any role in our success?

    To start the forex trading business we need to have the broker but i want to know is there any role of the broker in our success and if we make the profit in the trading do you think broker have any role in our profit or success.

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    In my opinion the good broker should be a patient and wait for the chance .never trade without stop loose.Keep try and never give up.Practice in demo account for very long time and try to discover all his mistakes and his weak points.Have very strict money management.Never trade with emotions and feeling just depend on the market analysis .

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    Ya of course it is finally the broker whose platform we are using to trade but if they have got problems with their platforms or with their servers then definitely we are going to suffer a lot so while selecting broker we must select a reputed and honest broker which have all the modern tools to support clients at the same time which is client friendly and honest.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    A reputable broker wouldn't have any limitations to your profit rate, and I believe such broker as roboforex wouldn't want to tarnish there reputation just because a trader is very successful in his or her trading outcome.But I would advice that you go through the trading terms and conditions of trading in roboforex, so as to ensure that you don't breach the laws that abide in forex trading.

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    Broker role is they provide us platform to place order and finding us traders. Tahts all.
    but some brokers give good recommendation either long position or short position by kipping research team.
    if the recommendation goes right then we can say because of our broker we make some money. but most of the broker dont do it,.
    Only some professional broker help their traders to create good position and profitable position.

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    i think that broker has minor role in success of us and this role will be in the platform of this broker,if the broker has a speed platform this will let the trader to open and close the orders fast at the level that he wants but if the broker has slow platform he will open and close the orders late and this will affect on his profits or loss,and this will not be good thing

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    Broker has created for us the opportunity to invest and start trade and fulfill our dream. Our trading success/failure depends on our trading skill and knowledge. The more we will able to become skilled, the more we can expect to more one step ahead to get success. I appreciate the efforts of brokers to create the golden opportunity for us.

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    it is true airport forex have an important role in the merchant, therefore, we must select the airport is really good, airport forex greatly affect us, because the task airport is as providers of business and always provide facilities on the merchant, broker a good will be strongly supports the merchant and provide facilities also

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    No i do not think that brokers have any role in our success. They are not responsible for our profit and loss in the trade. They are just medium who connect us with the giant world of foreign exchange.

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    I do not know if the broker has a role for our profit, but I agree that the broker gave the role to our success, what is the evidence? One piece of evidence is the existence of this forum. Many quality knowledge we can get from this forum to improve our skills and knowledge. And this forum provides an opportunity for us to manage the bonus of being an asset that we can rely on for the future. This is the role of RoboForex to our success.
    If you lose, be patient. If you win, stay humble

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