Can any one share his wining strategy ?
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Thread: Can any one share his wining strategy ?

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    Exclamation Can any one share his wining strategy ?

    I think the mostly professional trader have the wining strategy in the forex trading so that's why they make the big profit with the forex trading so i want to ask any one share the success strategy with us , we also get the benefit form the strategy.

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    Well there are lots of trading strategy that can assure success in forex,that's if the trader in question can patiently apply the technique properly, most of us have In one way or the other come across a successful trading plan but we lacked the proper mindset to handle such a strategy because we want a 100% winning strategy, the earlier you correct such an impression the better for such a trader.

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    I am using candlestick patterns in trading and these patterns include pinbars and outside bars for trading. These are high profitable patterns which gives me much money all the time but it needs much practice and hard work, without practice and effort we cannot earn money in forex trading market.

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    There is no such strategy as winning strategy. You need to formulate your own strategy suiting your own goals and needs. First you gain full knowledge about the business and then decide which currency pair you want to trade in, which time frame and which strategy to follow. All the decisions should be taken suiting your objectives.

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    All the professional has the wining strategy with which they are earning profit and as has become a successful trader.But i think the best wining strategy is our own intelligence and experience in Forex.Wining strategy is our hard work,good planning,analysis and how much time we invest in this business to learn and earn more.

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    I think that no one would like to share his winning strategy as it was his hard work and efforts that made him earn good amount of profit from the trade. So he would keep his strategy to himself only. Or else other trader will follow him and earn his part of share without any hard work. And the strategy may work for others. There is no surety about it.

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    No one can share his winning strategy because no one can want the who became a higher then him .it is hard work and effort that made him earn good amount of profit from the trade . so he would keep his Strategy to himself only or other trader will follow him and earn his part of share without any hard work .And the strategy may work for others .

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    I do not believe by knowing other strategy any trader can make money, because if I made a strategy, I know my available of capital, I know my risk taking capacity and my profit requirement percentage, but if the same strategy implement in any other account with out knowing all these things that will become dangerous, so always make a simple strategy trade with small quantity stay in to a same direction ( whether short or long) do averaging if necessary till 4th level and enjoy the long term profit although the amount may6 be small some time.

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    I think every winner have personal winning history and they don't share their winning history with other this is strategy. I think we know about Forex market by internet many broker site and also by practicing demo account and this is they way for getting knowledge about market and implement those knowledge at market we earn huge profit.

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    I am not yet able to create my 100% winning strategy. So I failed to share it in this forum. But I am trying to create my own proved strategy and hope I can able to achieve it. While I am able to achieve it, then I have the intention to share it in this forum so that we all the traders can become equally benefited. I am yet a learner in this profession.

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