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Thread: Is there any Magic formula to avoid the loss in the trading?

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    some traders most aggressive to earn quickly by real account and mostly bonus account. this is definitely bad and like suicide. because knowledge, micro amount, skill and experience main weapons to beat the enemy and go to the goal.Open a demo account first and practice with it, it will help you to be expert and know more. Don't be so excited, it can be the cause of your loose. Go on slowly, hope you will be success

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    There is no specified instruction that would supply you realize all the example at all transactions. Advantage and losses are in-explicit elements of any playacting including forex trading performing. One can e'er hope for clear but ever be equipped for expiration too. You can abstain too much or uninterrupted losses by getting in-depth knowledge near the performing, by practicing in Present invoice, finished bailiwick and basic psychotherapy. Endmost but not the small, try to take the mart perceptiveness as surface.

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    With this knowledge, we are the first -Mart can play realistic trading . But we talk about poverty in trading on learning behavior . Noe sis and the experience is truly at the center of this community . Sufficient knowledge and skills to fulfill us in ways we can not wait bankable . So , we have become the best read forex demand for our activities longitudinal runs .

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    No I don't think because there is no formula in this market you have to make your own formula to avoid heavy loss in forex you can't avoid loss every time because forex trading is uncertain business and some time you can loose your money in forex it will be better if you will use proper money management and risk management

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    There is no magic formula to avoid loss completely because there is strategy to give you earning all time. but there are good strategies that give god results in trading. you need to have a good skills in analysis of the market to be able to analyze the market well before trading and so this will help you to trade in the proper positions and will get good results.

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    There is not any magical things in forex trading , But you can control your loss i think you have to control your emotions and greed , fear etc if you control on these things than your loss decreases, Only thing is to manage your trading work with money management and risk management.

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    no i do not think so that there are any magic formula here in this business to avoid loss. it is the most profitable business where we can earn a lot. but to avoid loss we much fulfill our knowledge and should ave gathered a lot of experience about the business.

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    No there is no such magic formula to avoid losses.And there is no holy grail to make consistent profit in forex trading.Forex market is a composition of profit and loss.You just can't make only profit without facing any loss if you have experience and knowledge then you can minimize the losses.

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    there is no magic formula in forex to avoid loss. only our experience can help us to reduce our loss. forex is very risky business. without enough knowledge and experience we cannot earn more money from here. always we should demo practice to learn how to avoid loss.

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    no there are no magic formula to avoid loss and to get success in forex trading business. loss is sometimes a inevitable thing for us. so we must try to accept loss. but we can try to stop unnecessary loss here. for that we have to work very hard and try to learn and practice more and more about the business.

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