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Thread: Is there any Magic formula to avoid the loss in the trading?

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    There is no magic in trading. Forex trading is the real and genuine business in which hard work is always be important for us . If we work hard and do trade with logic and plan then we will surely earns much money and will not face any problem in this business again so hard work is the important element in forex.

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    i think you can avoid loss if you are learning from every single loss and that is the best way to be good trader in the future and it is the best way to have enough experience to be able to make more and more profits in the future with the lowest loss as you can .

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    My dear ... market has moved with not necessarily, and almost can not be ascertained where it direction trend will going. . That only we can do is make a analysis to minimize the possibility of failure or loss. But .. We can do a protection by our knowledge in analyzing the price.,.. but analysis just a process to predict, not every analysis will always be true.. So how to avoid loss?? There is no way that we can do. That there is, jsut minimize the possibility of loss.

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    Knowledge and experience are only the way to avoid the loss of money in Forex trade and except that there are nothing which can help us to avoid our loss in Forex , so try to increase your level of skill and this is very important for good trading .Knowledge makes expert trader and makes our life bright in Forex .

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    At 1st Forex is very risky business.We need to take the risk if want to make some profit.we do not worry with the risk.Because with knowledge and capital and good some formula you can earn easily..But my magic formula is all time use Stop loss and take profit Any trade..

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    Forex market that you want to be a big business should determine yourself. Then you will learn a lot about the market from a variety of sources. You need a business plan and a lot of techniques and indicators should be examined. You should be strong money management and you need to make your trading timeline.

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    Forex foreign currency transactions and investments in the world market place may be noted that a person's notice, you should know that a necessary element of currency trading, so you want to boosting your FX trading, you must know the great approach to invest in the currency market.

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    No any magic you can find out in this business and no any short cut so therefore you must learn more and more about forex.. and then you can earn very nice income and then you can reduce your risk level and even you can earn on low risk level..

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    There are no magic formula to avoid loses completely but proper Forex knowledge and right decision can reduce loss magically. Forex knowledge play vital role for earning huge profit from Forex. So every trader should learn about Forex knowledge and implement this knowledge at market. It is very effective at Forex market.

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    The earlier you learn to manage your risk losses that I rather advice and firstly sick stop loss on your entry application, you are better off taking part in Forex trading to avoid losses, as a matter of fact, there is no formula to establish a business plan and a one-month for a certain period of time, this strategy will play out, I come to advise and make sure that the advice applies.

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    No brother. I am troubled Forex business and its movement is not all the time and so it is expected that trade with low risk of this. let us be careful and go against the trader may at any time to avoid a complete loss because we do not believe there is no magic formula as possible as you can minimize the damage, the businessman also let him that is a good trade by trading with good technique can minimize the damage. In reality there is no magic as to avoid damage to the trade business.

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