Demo is jut wastage of the time?
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Thread: Demo is jut wastage of the time?

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    Exclamation Demo is jut wastage of the time?

    The mostly newbies trader thing that the time they spent in the demo trading is just wastage because it is risk free so that's why they not give the full attention to demo trading so i want to know form the professional trader the time we spent in the demo is really waste and it have no benefit.

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    No,i don't think so! demo is just wastage of the time.But i think demo account practice is very good for every trader for a newbie and also for professional trader because demo account is best way of learning and gaining knowledge about the market.So,every trader should try to spend their much time to practice in demo account.

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    No sir I do not agree with this demo account is very essential for learning the Forex trading business and it is not only helpful for new traders but also it helps professional traders in recovering their lost confidence and in the improvement of existing strategy, but if we trade randomly on demo account without any purpose then it is nothing but wastage of time so it all depends on us how do we use our demo account.

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    This question addressed only to professional trader. Well, I'm not professional yet so I can not answer this questions

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    no sir the demo account is the est way to have a good experience without losing any cent so i think it is a good way to learn new ways on trading and it will be the best way to test any strategy .

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    You can not say that the demo account gives no benefit, because the demo account is useful for you to practice trading in the Forex market in real time with no worry about losing your deposit money. Because the demo account gives some virtual money to us.

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    No demo is like a teacher if you will spend your time on demo then your skills and experience will be increased so then you can earn money very easily.. demo is very important for traders because if you will never spend time on demo then you will loss money..

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    Demo is the not wastage of time because without demo trading we can't trade in the Forex trading . In the trading system, Demo account trading is essential part . Demo trading is just like a teacher of the Trading business. If you will spend your time then you skills and experience will be increased so then you can earn money very easily .

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    I do not think demo is wastage of time. Through demo trading it is very possible to gather practical experience of real trading. I find demo very beneficial to me as I can trade demo on experimental basis without the threat of own capital loss. We all the newbies should take the advantages of demo.

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    No dear , it is not a waste of time. It is the good business which we can do any where and any time but hard work is key here and it must be consistent every time.Lack of hard work and practice will gives us much loss and we will never become a successful forex trader so hard work is the most important element of success.

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