Japanese Yen: fact we should know
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    Japanese Yen: fact we should know

    Over the last 16 years, since the "currency panic" of 1995, the rate of the yen to the dollar, then to the euro, has fallen several times. Each time the weakening was due to feature of the monetary policy of the Bank of Japan and the large-scale placement of debt securities by the Ministry of Finance of Japan.

    Having regard to the fact that the level of inflationary expectations in the economy remained consistently low, in the market for government debt, there formed a certain price corridor, which had an effect on the rate of the Japanese currency, the value of shares and the activity in capital flows (inflows and outflows).

    During the last 16 years the rate of yen showed the ups and downs several times, which was due to the dynamics of the value of the government debt securities and the interest rate differential between Japanese and foreign assets.

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