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    your observation on the downfall of the Japanese yen is very true and for so many years now, the yen has been encountering so much dwindling as a result of unstable economy which to my knowledge is not peculiar to the Japanese alone but it is a common thing all over the world.The world is going through a very trouble time concerning economy because of changes in the world system, but i believe with time, the Japanese yen will bounce back to re-corning but that can only be achieved if proper plan is put in place by the Japanese government especially in the area of job creation.

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    Usdjpy is one of my favorite currency pair in the past month but now I really don't understand the movement of this pair because I have left the market for quite some time now so I really don't have any idea about the movement of this currency pair, but for now I think jpy is weaken because usd have been on the high side for this past few weeks.

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    In particular, the pair is a good tool for trading because the Bank of Japan has a significant impact on the Tokyo market, which creates many trends and implications. This scenario creates many trading opportunities for traders. Also, the most active open market periods are between 10 pm and 8 am GMT, due to differences in time zones worldwide.

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    but i believe with time, the Japanese yen will bounce back to re-corning but that can only be achieved if proper plan is put in place by the Japanese government especially in the area of job creation.
    Proper plan is already put in place by the Japanese authority to control her economy and that is why they have embarked on bonds buying program which is known as quantitative easing .This process helps the nation's export to grow and develop and once the target is met to the fullest satisfaction , the unwinding (tapering) process would begin and this is when Japanese yen will amass unimaginable strength and those retail traders who understand what is going on would make much money buying Japanese Yen against the weaker currencies .

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    Thank you for sharing these good informations and, I like trading with the pairs that have japanese yen because it is good pairs in its movement and the movement expected in many cases, and so this increase the success rate and make more money, i made money many times with japanese yen especially audjpy and usdjpy, and sometimes with eurjpy and gbpjpy

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    Lots of exportations by the recent data of news published by the JPY government , that means that the situation might be tight for the big jpy pairs , in order to stay competitive against the major currencies like the eur or the usd . The usd jpy might go on an uptrend for the coming 2 months , after a consolidation around the weekly pivot support point , around the 109.30 level . The SL should be set around the 108.20 level and the TP around the 110.40 level .

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    JPY is a most traded pair against it,s major pair USD. history of JPY is so strong when it was less than 100 but from last 5 years, this pair is traded higher than 100+ it came down to 99 when Brexit crash the market. after a crash it goes to 120+ it was the last 5 years big high recent market low is 103+ and high is 111 and currently the market is in JPY favour...

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    Twenty Filipino trainees are fighting orders to leave Japan, saying they have been victimized twice by the misuse of Hitachi Ltd. of the government's training program.

    The Tokyo-based electric machinery chairman in September sent notices of dismissal to the 20 apprentices who worked at their train production plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

    Hitachi time suspected of abusing the apprenticeship system, and was unable to obtain government approval for his new training program. That meant that Filipino residents could not renew their status as internal technical residents.

    Although their training period has not yet expired, the 20 Filipinos, now on short-term visas, must leave Japan stakes on October 20.

    "It is a fact that we temporarily terminated the employment (of apprentices), but we will use them again as right now as we obtain approval (for the training program)," said Hitachi's public relations office. "We do not know the reasons why we are not approved now."

    The Filipinos have joined a union and demand that Hitachi revoke the dismissals.

    "Suddenly they gave us notices of dismissal, and the dismissals can not be justified because we did not commit any crime," said one of the participants to The Asahi Shimbun.

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    Very useful information, thanks.

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