It could be very useful for the trader to read a lot about financial markets because trader should be informated to have an advantage that is necessary to be profitable. Of course, all sources should be reliable since the quality of the information is very important. It is quite easy to find information abot the sphere of finance nowadays, but most of it is just a noise. That is why trader should choose the best sources and pay attention only to the information provided there. In most of the cases, it would be well-known financial news providers, such as Wall Street Journal (or WSJ), Financial Times, Bloomberg and Briefing. At the same time, it would be better to avoid reading unknowns sources full of advertising materials containing no useful information.
It seems to be quite difficult for the trader to deal with the huge flow of information from varios sources. Thus, each trader should find his own approach that would help him to focus on things that are realy important for him to know the fundamental background and to make right trading decisions.