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    Well i think it is always safer and better for forex traders to have knowledge of economic news and fundamental analysis and even if a trader may sometimes make profit by trading with only technical analysis the trader will not be able to make stable and contious profit without fundamental analysis.
    Well i think it is usually less dangerous and greater for foreign exchange investors for you to have knowledge of monetary news and standard analysis and in many cases in case a dealer may perhaps sometimes help make gain investing having just technological analysis the actual dealer will never be capable of help make firm and contious income with no standard analysis.

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    A good trader must have mastery of both technical and fundamental analysis so as to be on the safer side. A situation where one careless about one can spell a doom for a trader. I trade technical analysis most of the time and I stay away fromthe mmarket when there is an important economic news taking place.

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    I read some news from some place on web even from brokers or personal web, but never how news will impact the trend of price, I cannot know how to trade with that, but for people like me who only use chart for trading have some habit just look on chart do what you have to do with some system or even without a system.

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    for traders who rely on news related to economic development as a guide to trade in this business, must have understood correctly what kind of news that will be followed by those in the trade activities in this business, so as to produce a profit for them. my personal trading based on technical guide, but it still does not ignore the economic news is released, but most of my trades based on technical activities that I have.

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    As we know fundamental analysis is very necessary in forex I am doing trading as long term goal so mostly focus on technical analysis but I never forget to use stop loss in trading its very important in forex to use stop loss because some time high impact news can damage our trading very badly.

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    I am also new in this business I not like to trade with news its very risky to do trade with news time I just focus on my strategy and always take attention on high impact news also I will suggest everyone never trader with news you will confused in the news trading and if you want to do trade with news then please use stop loss.

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    I think that the economic news, as well as an important political and for scheduling news is through news-specific sites can be found on the news and get through these sites, but the sites are large and reliable can find out news, including news and analysis

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    as my view, to trade with news, then we need to know the right information about it, schedule, impact and also forecast and of course we do not know what exactly the impact in the market, then we need to prepare it with right, maybe need some options to overcome or handle some situation, and for me, i replace stop loss with hedging, and also i put a trapping with pending order for buy stop and sell stop under and above the market price

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    As we know it fundamental research is very much needed in the forex as I trade as long term goal if most of the time to focus about technical analysisbut I will never forget it to use the stop loss in trade in forex in its highly important to be used stop since for some time very news impact can adversely affect our trade badly.

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    According to me fundamental analysis is very important in this business sometime there is a very high impact news in the market and if trader will do trade that time within in the market it will affect him badly so never underestimate fundamental analysis its very necessary for everyone

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