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    Quote Originally Posted by aliforex View Post
    I'm new in the world of Forex and I'm still in the process of reading and understanding the terminology
    But you must continue my newsletters economic or read the newspaper articles at this stage? Or is it unnecessary?
    In any case, it has changed my view of the economic news bulletins Haha
    Greetings to all
    The opportunity to gain better market conditions and favorable because I believe traders with good economic analysis capabilities they will at least be both in getting the analysis of changes in market trends and so on this trade to understand the news will be very important but before you learn how to analyze news then my advice to you is how do you do this trade with understanding for technical analysis.

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    Well, i do not believes that it is all time that we should adhere to the financial information, it is only time that you are certain about what might come out of the information that we should be following the information no issue how powerful. It could damaging to adhere to the information at periods, even if you do not hurry into it, there are some consequences impact.

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    Economic Newsletters are very important int he forex market and you know that the many trader trade on the economic newsletter , and if you want to trade by the economic news, you have to learn more and more.
    because there are high impact news and low impact news and high impact news are very important in the forex market ., so that learn more and more about newsletter

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    Irrespective of the trading style like the fundamental or technical analysis being made to determine the market direction. It is very much mandatory for the traders that they always keep themselves updated regarding the economic events for better trading process and to avoid untoward events.

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    on the off chance that you are a long haul merchant and in the event that you utilize a vast stop misfortune you have to know abot the news. business sector changes in a noteworthy manner after the major progressions of the business sector. in other way we may confront an incredible misfortune and detached our security.

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    information could be the true marketplace movers in addition to gets your capability linked to revering the actual pattern consequently us cannot prevent points procuring and also selling however due to the restricted understanding associated with economics all of us like a brand new investor distinguish uncomplicated evaluation the large tough compared to specialized evaluation however to have general development my partner and i be asked to take the each evaluation collectively.

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    It is not all the time you will have the best in the trading system that you are doing, if it is the news trading or the technical trading, they may still make the trader fail in the market. It is very important to note that it is more of the careful filtering and common sense of the trader that will get more money out for the trader.

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    Well i think it is dependably more secure and better for forex dealers to have information of financial news and essential investigation and regardless of the fact that a broker might here and there make benefit by exchanging with just specialized dissection the dealer won't have the capacity to make stable and contious benefit without crucial examination.

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    i am not agree with people ema 10. whether you\'re a good very long term trader IN ADDITION TO if you have a large stop loss you should know abot the news. market changes within a important way soon after your current fundamental changes of any market. so It is your Least difficult to be able to trade according to the news. inside various other way we will face the loss AS WELL AS loose OUR stability.

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    A excellent investor must have expertise of both technological and essential research so as to be on the more secure part. A scenario where one reckless about one can cause a disaster for a investor. I business technological research most of plenty of efforts and I remain away from the market when there is an essential financial information going on.

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