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    i think support and resistance should be own first option there are some reasons, as we know these points are good and clearly tell us where to enter and where to exit, so i think we should do more and more trade our patience, our proper management and everything can give us good skills, otherwise we can lose here, any strategy can work if we have done practice on it, but this is really good then many other strategies
    I'd better relate those levels of support and resistance to give me more accuracy and I don't want to take them directly without getting different confirmations from different strategies. I can combine them with trend line and candlestick patterns to complete the analysis better. I know the power of support resistance levels but since they're just levels in market, price can move through them or bounce back at anytime depending on market trends.
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    Support and resistance levels are one of the essential things in the FX market. Pinpointing critical support and resistance levels allows traders to find the right time to open or close a trade. Support lines and resistance lines are defined as price ranges in which prices do not rise any more (resistance lines) or price ranges in which prices do not fall any more (support lines). Using support and resistance is very convenient as it can be used in all market situations such as bullish, bearish and ranging.

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