why practice and experience is important for new forex trader?
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Thread: why practice and experience is important for new forex trader?

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    why practice and experience is important for new forex trader?

    i know that practice and experience is most important for new forex trader.i think because new forex trader do not good knowledge about this forex trading business so practice and experience is important for good knowledge about this forex trading business and for success in forex trading business.do you agree with me?

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    Forex trading is risky and without proper knowledge and skill we cannot expect to earn profit from this risky trade. So, we need to become experienced to get better benefit from this trade. Knowledge is power - this is very effective in forex trading.

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    Experience and practice is very important for beginner traders, because with experience and practice so they can better understand about truely forex trading. If we only studied in theory without practice, maybe we get the knowledge of learning, but we may not be able to practice the knowledge properly if we do not have the experience.

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    Practice is the only way to any forex beginner to learn in forex market and gain the skills and the experience.Practice help any new trader to understand how this market doing and how this market work.This is why we alwys says we should practice first in demo account before we start trading in real account and try to learn all we nned in the demo.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Both practice and experience as you have stated is very vital in every traders career,and shouldn't be over looked or ignored mostly for a new investor or trader who is just starting out,our constant practices is what widens our knowledge and experience of the currency market,so once again I would point out that knowledge and practice is important.

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    Its because by practicing and experience our skills we will be growing be better . This is because we do it training and experiments over and over again will make us knowing more about good strategy, good management and more steady psychology

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    practice makes the man perfect and if you want to earn lots of money while trading in Forex market than the trader needs to practice so that he can earn lots of money in Forex market...and if you have experience than you know very well that what is the best way and place that we should invest the money so that earn profits..

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    Forex trading is a very risky business where earning is not easy.Practice and experience are very important for new Forex trader,because without understanding the Forex trading business no trader can earn profit.With practice and experience they will understand the currency market,and with confidence they can deal with the market condition.It is also very important for them to become successful in forex trading market.

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    learning and practicing is a must and it is very necessary for all traders and not only for newbies, because we are on the biggest market in the world and this is a dynamic business then we need to always keep learning and practicing time by time to follow it,
    remeber, practice make perfect

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    Both practice and experience is the most important for the new trader .because by the help of the Trading business all the new traders are don't have practice and experience .so For the new trader learning and practicing and experience is the most important part of the business.because we are on the biggest in the world .

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