Which step have you reached today?
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Thread: Which step have you reached today?

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    Which step have you reached today?

    We all know that forex trading is not easy. If we do money management and do proper risk with minimum 1:1 risk : reward , we can survive for long term and make good profits on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    But we need to do planning first. Otherwise there could be unusual drawdowns in your trading career.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Wow I love the diagram at which you used to show the illustrations of how the levels of individual and there determination,in live we do have different individuals with the aspirations and weakness as for me am not letting my challenges wary me down am fully aware of life's challenges and am going to do my best to overcome them.

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    well as a trader we all want to get success while trading in Forex trading market...if we have knowledge, ideas and information about Forex trading market than we can get success....so always trade wisely and earn lots of money....so every time i step very carefully while trading in Forex market..

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    it is very good, this is the steps which we have to take, and i guess, we need to open mind until we want to do it, and of course will need a time , process and spend more time and big sacrifice for it, and at last, when we can master and do it, we will know that we can make it

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    As we all are trading to get success in Forex trading business.I am also here to become a successful trader.But now i am a newbie and am still learning in this business.Still i have to learn more about Forex and i am practicing in demo account to increase my knowledge and skill.And i believe that with my hard work i can become a successful trader.

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    Really great explanations of levels and these are the real levels where we get struck during our early stages of trading till the time we get our own trading strategy, fortunately being a new trader I am on " I will try to do it" level and very soon hoping to reach on the up stairs as I am on the finals of my trading strategy, and then I can declare with confidence that I have done it.

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    Now i am earning good money here every month. It is the best business but in start i was a loser and face much loss in forex market again and again. It is the risky business but if we do consistent effort then we can able to earn money so hard work is essential for every trader.

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    Really i like this diagram a lot and infact this is very much motivating as well. I would like to see my progress this way at the stage where in i can say YES I DID IT but i know there is still a lot of time for me to achieve that state which is total financial freedom state for me. This can also be very much helpful for the traders during the down time when they feel very much upset with their trading attitude.

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    I am new trader in the Forex trading in the Forex trading business we can earn more and more amount of the money ,It is the most important part of the business. this can also be very much helpful for the traders during the down town time when feel very much upset with their trading attitude . it is very upset speaking .

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    Planning is very important. It is also important to make regular follow up to continue trading according to plan. During past few days while I am getting consistent profit from some trades then I thought that I am going to become a successful traders. But while I am getting loss in the present days then I think that I am not yet able to become the successful trader.

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