To start what capital
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Thread: To start what capital

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    To start what capital

    This question only belong to the those traders who are the new in this field
    i want to ask that what is the good money to start the trading .
    how a trader should use it , what's money management plan a trader should apply on it
    Because mostly always confuse about this thing that how much capital they should use for the trading !

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    if you are a beginner trader you must know that you may face loss in your way to trade Forex and all successful traders faced this loss .so that you must start with the lowest capital as you can because you may loss it all in trading .so i think 250 dollars will be so good to start this business.

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    To starting Forex trading balance depend on ability. $100 is very few for one but for other one may very hard to maintain. So how much will be first time balance, tell it very difficult. It will vary depend on person. But general rules need $100 dollar and 1:100 leverage to start business. but $300 is very good starting real business also. At present demo is more and more helpful to make be a good trader. Because maximum broker providing bonus and price if can win in demo market. Firstly it help to start real business other way it help to make me a perfect trader also.
    I have started real market depositing $500. Till now I am very happy trader.

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    It actually depends upon the traders himself, we can start with even $10 or even with $10000+, it depends upon how much a trader is able to invest, but a trader should always remember that they should never invset more than what they can't afford to lose since the high risk of forex.
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    Well friend if you are a newbie trader first try in demo account and keep focus on learning and practice and in strategies for at least 6,7 month after that when you will build your confidence in demo account you can start your trading with real account with $100 mini account or you can use a cent account

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    I think that the best start for any beginner in the forex market is the calculation of the capital where 500 to $ 1,000 even be risking only 5% and achieve a good profit and the rate of profit achieved by the month does not exceed 25% so as not to lose the profits achieved, but must learnwell in the beginning

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    As a newbiee I'll recommend a start up capital of a 100$ which might not be affordable for every trader, I would still add that hence the minimum deposit requirements to start trading is 10$ then anything above that is okey for a start up capital, and I would advice that newbie trader shouldn't be so aimed at profit making, you can start by focusing on your trading skills patently, I know of a trader who it took him 5 years before he made his first withdrawal and I asked him how was he that patience he said because he was determined no matter the consequences.

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    Forex market mainly need knowledge more than capital. Because although it is true that money makes money, now days many forum sites are their who pays their members free bonus to start trading and if their knowledge is good then they can make more than millions.
    Or else small amount is always advised to start forex trading.
    Because as it is risk and time taking process to learn no body should take risk .
    They may start $ 10 or $ 100 USD as per his surplus money available with him.

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    When we are still a beginner in this business, we are better off using a small capital first, then that capital we use to learn forex only. Later we can use type of account is appropriate for beginner traders, select standards leverage, and we are trading with low volumes.

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    The more capital you have , the better it is for you. But, there are chances of loss for a new trader, so my suggestion would be to invest around $100 to $300 to start with and then you can later on keep adding up once you gain expertise and more and more knowledge and of course, when you start garnering more and more profit. Invest a part of your profit in your trading.

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