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Thread: Contest "Erudite of the RoboForex forum"

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    Contest "Erudite of the RoboForex forum"

    Dear users!
    The administration of the forum invites you to take part in the contest - "Erudite of the RoboForex forum" and check how well you are familiar with the Forum, the RoboForex company and its services. In order to win the competition, it is necessary to give the maximum number of correct answers to the questions asked as quickly as possible.
    All registered Forum users are allowed to take part in the competition.

    The competition is held from 18th January to 1st, February inclusive.
    Summing up the competition results - February 1, 2019.
    Prize enrollment - until February 6, 2019.

    Conditions of the competition:
    Contest questions are published in this topic on January 18, 2019, at 12.00 Server time.
    The user who decides to take part in the contest must send to
    Gulfstream personal message in accordance with the template, in which he indicates the answers to the questions.
    After sending a personal message to RoboForex Administrator, the contestant leaves a message in this thread with the note "Answers to questions".
    The response time will be considered the time when the message was left by the contestant in the subject in accordance with paragraph 3 of these conditions.

    Requirements for the personal message design :
    In the "Title" field please indicate: The "Erudite of the RoboForex forum" contest.
    The text of the personal message is made in accordance with the template. The private message template is published simultaneously with the competition questions.

    Personal Message Template (please copy it and paste your answers):

    1. What conditions must user meet in order to get access to the extraction of forum promo funds to a trading account?
    Answer: The user must be fully verified (he must pass through the passport, address and SMS verification), and also have a trading account opened with RoboForex Ltd (Belize) with a Forum partner code
    2. What is the name of the holding, which includes RoboForex Ltd?
    Answer: RFG HOLDING
    3. How many cryptocurrency instruments are currently available for trading in the R Trader terminal?
    Answer: 26
    4. How many MQL5 Signals Coupons are left?
    Answer: 1287 - 1282
    5. Indicate the minimum deposit level on the cent account.
    Answer: 10 $
    6. What % of rebates (cashback) does the company pay on the Prime account for trading CFD instruments?
    Answer: 0. 
    7. What is the maximum size of the Profit Share Bonus in $ per 1 account that a RoboForex client can receive?
    Answer: 10, 000 USD
    8. What country restrictions are there for the MobileTrader Google Play application from RoboForex?
    Answer: There are no country restrictions for the MobileTrader application in Google Play (Android).
    9. What is the maximum leverage available in RoboForex?
    Answer: 1: 2000
    10. What are the two main conditions necessary to close a strategy in the RAMM platform?
    Answer: The prerequisite for closing the strategy is the absence of open positions and pending orders.
    11. How many demo contests are held on a regular basis at RoboForex?
    Answer: 4
    12. What bonus supports your account in "drawdown"?
    Answer: ProfitShare/Welcome Bonus 30$
    13. Under what circumstances will Forum Administration refuse a user to register at the Forum?
    Answer: The administration reserves the right to turn down the user’s registration if the nickname:
    • is similar to the one that already exists on the Forum;
    • is similar to the brand or company name;
    • includes advertisement, websites and e-mails;
    • does not meet the ethical criteria (hard to pronounce or offensive, consisting of numbers or special symbols only).
    14. By what criteria does the RAMM platform rank customers at the end of each week?
    Answer: the client with the largest turnover is rated as first and the one with the smallest turnover as last.
    15. How many classes of instruments are available for trading in the R Trader platform?
    Answer: 7. Crypto, Forex, US Stocks, ETF, DE Stocks, Swiss Stocks, Indices.
    16. Specify the date of drawing №244 in the KingSize competition.
    Answer: 7 February
    Link: https: //
    17. Specify the number of Timeout in the contest Trade Day.
    Answer: 24 competitions
    18. Who supplies analytics for RoboForex?
    Answer: Claws & Horns
    19. What does RoboForex pay affiliate commission from?
    Answer: % of the company’s revenue
    20. What is the number of the current version of RoboForex Analytics on Google Play?
    Answer: 1.7.0
    21. List the trading accounts on which cryptocurrencies are available for trading.
    Answer: Pro-Standard, ECN-Pro, Prime, Pro Affiliate, ECN-Pro Affiliate, R Trader .
    22. How many liquidity providers does RoboForex Ltd have?
    Answer: 8
    23. Name the nickname of the user who has become the 6,000th user of the Forum.
    24. List the main trade advantages of RoboForex.
    - Narrow spreads from 0 points
    - Micro accounts with a minimum lot of 0.01
    - The highest speed of order execution
    - 8 types of assets
    - 6 account currencies (USD, EUR, RUB, GOLD, BTC *, ETH *)
    - Affiliate program with payments of 50%
    25. List the requirements for Trader CopyFX to display in the rating.
    balance has to be at least 50% of the limitations required for creating offers
    Accounts with the profitability of —90% or less for 10 consecutive days are automatically excluded from the Rating.
    the subscription mode should be “Show in the Rating”

    Answers to questions must be given by contestants independently, contacting the company’s support is prohibited.
    If the contestant has sent a response to the PM but did not leave a message in the contest topic or left a message in the thread before he sent the PM- his answer will not be count.
    The competitor in the framework of the contest has the possibility to send only one personal message. If the contestant has sent more than one message, his subsequent messages are not taken into account when summing up the results.
    A participant who violates or does not comply with the requirements and conditions of the competition may be disqualified by the decision of the Forum Administration.
    You can not send multiple answer. Once the answer is given, it'll be consider final one.

    The winners of the competition are determined among the participants who first gave the maximum number of correct answers to the questions asked. The prizes are distributed between them according to the priority of the messages left in this topic.

    The procedure for assigning points:

    1 point - for the full correct answer to one question;
    0.5 points - for an incomplete answer to one question.

    1 place - 120$
    2 place - 90$
    3 place - 70$
    4 place - 50$
    5 place - 30$

    You can find answers to competitive questions on the official services of the company: RoboForex, RoboForex RAMM, ContestFX, CopyFX, R Trader, RoboForex Forum and others.

    * Prizes are credited in the form of forum Promo ¢.

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    18. Who supplies analytics for RoboForex?
    Answer: Claws & Horns

    Sir actually I did not participate in the context because I could not find answers to some questions here. Can you please tell me where can we find the above answer to the above question because the link given is just that of a members personal area. I tried to search a lot but could not find the answer

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    geddam, it is on the main site=)

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