Moderator's Award - 2019!
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Thread: Moderator's Award - 2019!

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    Moderator's Award - 2019!

    Dear users,
    the administration of the forum decided to designate individual participants of our project, engaged in the development of important sections and topics of the Forum,
    and express their gratitude to them in the form of cash prizes!


    each of you will be awarded for 40$:

    25$ from our Moderators aboard will receive also:

    Thank you and thank all users of our Forum for the fact that you are with us!

    The prize funds will be transferred to your forum profile on 4, February 2019.

    * Prizes are credited in the form of forum Promo ¢.

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    Whoa! Thanks for the reward Admin!

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    Thank you very much for the reward, much appreciate it as always. Glad to be the loyal member of this beloved forum.

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    nice prizes congrats for all. you are very lucky.

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    Really surprised! Thanks a lot. Good work continues from the Roboforex forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkhan2810 View Post
    Really surprised! Thanks a lot. Good work continues from the Roboforex forum.
    Wish you see you more active than before.

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    Best my favorite Forum trading. Thanks so much, i hopefully that i have more time for active more written again at this my love Forum.
    If you lose, be patient. If you win, stay humble

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    Everything looks good in this page and thread. But there is some big thing missing here, can anyone make it out? Oh its my name in the above list, hopefully i make it next time.

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