Follow other's trades!
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Thread: Follow other's trades!

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    Follow other's trades!

    All we know that today a lot of technology is being adding in Forex trading everyday , like copy others trades , some even giving sibnal services and etc like that , but it does only means that a trader does not have the skills for the trading or really not want to learn.
    what i want to say is that a such behaviour about the trading is not good
    should we follow others or should follow ourself !

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    There's a simple idea. You take any subscribe for signals or transaction copying, only the unprofitable one. But you make just the opposite in your account and you get profit.

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    i think any trader in that market should learn well and then apply what he learned , so i prefer manual trading from that coping one , because i think in copy trading you cant control in your account and you depends on other trader , but i think the only way if you want copy trading is you dont have enough time to trade ..

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    Copy trader, signal service, analysis service, etc is not good for me. Although part of the trader to follow, it is a choice. And I have chosen forex trading by myself. I've followed them for 3 months and the results are not good for me and have decided to leave.

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    Yes, it is right to take the advantage of the other analysis and signals, we can say that borrow some thing from the other, it is not called steeling some precious thing from other , we should give or you can say that we can share our ideas with other members of the forex trading, it is very beneficial to both, we should also take the expert adviser analysis

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    according to me it is not good to follow the trades of other traders cause they will not give us any trading experience which we require for safe trading in of the main drawback of trade copier is the person whom we copying may be he has big capital and he likes to trade at high risk so if our account is small then we can only face losses and nothing.

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    There is nothing wrong with the trader following other traders if the trader will have the mid to learn the market, it is when the trader is fully relying on other traders that it is not good. You need a good trading skill to be able to stand on your own, this is what you should not forget as a forex trader.

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    Am fuly awear of the difficulties of life,so ill try to bounce back
    Well like the saying goes never lay your eggs in one basket I'd I cone across a profitable signal or copy trader ill subscribe for it and still have am account I trade on,I believe that there are reliable investments that can assure you reasonable monthly income.

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    Yes it is one of the beautiful strategy and i am agree with you, you can follow other experience trader who have spent alot of time in robo borex trading business or choose teacher for your self, if you follow other experience traders then they will guide you every where

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    Yes if you want to successed then you will follow other successfull traders who have spent large time in forex trading business and you can follow their strategies and try to learn from them but don't follow then as a cheater, don't use copy paste, you can try to learn from their comments and pick up the idea and then shair it with in your own words

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